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My experience at the Erie County fair this year

By Mary Kate Wirfel

With the cancelation of the Erie County fair last year due to the covid 19 pandemic. People missed out on a Western New York summer tradition. As luck would have it in 2021 the Erie County fair made a comeback altho it wasn't as big as years past. People still were able to enjoy the fair and get back to some normalcy. I went to the fair twice this year and here are some of the sights and things I did during this year's fair.

For the first time I finally had the confidence to enter my photography in the Erie County fair atho I didn't win any ribbons. The fact that my pictures and name were up on a wall and viewed by all the fair goers was really cool. I got two free tickets to go to the fair because I entered two of my photos. I also enjoy looking at the antiques and other people's artwork they have created since I love history and art.

N One of the places I always stop at is Charlap’s ice cream. Every year I usually get ice cream from the Charlap’s stand. Other foods I have tried in years past are deep fried oreos, fried dough, curly fries and even a grilled cheese donut. It sounds a bit strange but it's actually not that bad. One of the places I would definitely try next year is chicken and waffles.

I always like to shop at the local vendors at the fair I usually pick up some Christmas gifts while I am there. At the fair this year I went shopping at the Buffalo store located at the old woodworking building. I bought a bracelet and a Buffalo Braves shirt. As someone who makes and sells bracelets I have an appreciation for other people who do as well. As an avid Buffalo sports history fan I couldn't pass up on an opportunity to get a Buffalo Braves t-shirt. I also stopped at the made in America store and got my uncle a funny sign for Christmas and a book about moments in Buffalo sports history.

You can't complete going to the fair without seeing some animals. My favorite animals to visit are the rabbits and the baby cows. One of the coolest animals I did see was a giant turkey. It would have been cool to walk him around the fair. I also enjoyed the landscaping and urban gardening. I found it very cool to take old furniture and objects and turn it into something to plant flowers or vegetables in.

One of the last places I visited was the historical building I ran into my grandfather's old friend known by everyone in Western New York as Casper the clown. He made me a balloon dog that sadly popped on the ride home.

Those are my memories of this years Erie County fair. What did you do at the fair this year? Check out my photo gallery below.

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