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Hospital week

Hospital week is an event that is celebrated here every year in WNY and throughout the U.S. to recognize the hard work and dedication of healthcare professionals who work in hospitals or any healthcare facilities. Starting every second week of May its an opportunity to thank the staff for their tireless efforts in caring for patients and the community. During this week, organizations may host events, offer employee awards and recognition to display their appreciation. This week is helps boost morale and display a sense of community among healthcare employees. Working in the healthcare world can be emotionally and physically demanding and it is important to acknowledge contributions of staff and provide the opportunities to connect with one another. From the surgeons, nurses, cnas, pcas, down to dietary and environmental services. All play a great role making sure things throughout the hospital are running smooth.

To support these hard working professionals a group of WNYers have came up with a plan to give back to those that helps our community; while supporting local restaurants. Creating a site where people can make donations, called WNY feeds the frontline workers. Here, you can place a donation and for every $10, feeds a medical worker. These are some of the local participants that are participating during hospital week :

Tim hortons and Mcdonald's have also taken participation. Mcdonald's offers free meals to all frontline workers, and Tim Horton has offered the "United Donut".

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