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Discover The Buffalo Yacht Club

Discover 716 had the privilege of visiting the Buffalo Yacht Club on a early Friday afternoon, as we walked up to the entrance noticing 1860 Buffalo Yacht Club logo. Then realizing the tradition of almost 160 years of boating enthusiasts have been part of the history of this amazing club.

The rich history of the clubhouses has led us to their fifth building. The first four, variously located facing Lake Erie and the Niagara River.

The fifth and final clubhouse, standing today was completed at present location and it was restored and remodeled by it's members.

The wall of commodores,

The trophy shelf’s, the model sailboats and even the Leroy Neiman on the wall, Discover 716 knew this place was something to behold, The staff meticulously cleaning and the view of the lake, we were eager to show and tell everyone about the Buffalo Yacht Club.


The Buffalo Yacht Club offers two different dining formats:

The casual, Lower Deck Bar, offers members a nautical atmosphere for lunch, dinner or meeting up with friends. A special bar menu is offered nightly. The seating capacity for the Lower Deck is 60 for a sit-down meal; 125 for a cocktail party.

Mary Open Bottom Boat Bar

The idea of a Club bar in the shape of a boat originated with P/C Dan Kraft in early 1953 when he purchased a popular plywood cruiser hull made by Richardson Boat Company.


The more formal, upper deck main dining room offers tablecloth service throughout the year. During the boating season, an outside patio allows members and guests to enjoy the beautiful sunsets over Lake Erie. The seating capacity for the main dining room is 160 for a sit-down meal; 200 for a cocktail party.


After a brief tour Discover 716 was pleased to hear that this hidden gem on the Buffalo water front was more than happy to except new social members to the club.

The Buffalo Yacht Club offers many fun events, great views sailing classes for children and adults, Discover 716 was excited to have found two great new summertime traditions. The building complex, designed in a classic "Muskoka-Lodge" style.

Just an hour and a half from Toronto, 15 minutes from Buffalo, and minutes from Crystal Beach, Point Abino offers exhilarating sailing, breathtaking sunsets and starlit night skies.


Contact or visit them at.

Address: 1 Porter Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14201

Phone: (716) 883-5900

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