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Winter Magic Awaits: Top Christmas Tree Destinations Near You

The crisp scent of evergreens, the soft crunch of snow underfoot, and the joyous laughter of families—these are the hallmark signs that the holiday season is upon us. As the festive spirit envelops the Buffalo area, embarking on the quest for the perfect Christmas tree becomes a cherished tradition. Join us as we explore the enchanting options available at Jurek Trees, Blasz Tree Farm, Country Pine Farm, LLC, Treetop Acres, Boston Hill Nursery, and Akron Acres.

1. Jurek Trees - Clarence

Located at 6600 Strickler Road, Clarence, Jurek Trees is a winter wonderland waiting to be explored. As you step onto this charming farm, you're greeted by rows of meticulously groomed evergreens. From the classic Fraser Fir to the aromatic Balsam Fir, Jurek Trees offers a variety of options for every holiday enthusiast.

2. Blasz Tree Farm - Eden, NY

Venture to 9178 Sisson Highway in Eden and discover the magic at Blasz Tree Farm. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, this farm provides not only an opportunity to choose the perfect tree but also to immerse yourself in a festive atmosphere. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa as you explore the evergreen treasures that await.

3. Country Pine Farm, LLC - Holland

Nestled at 11996 Humphries Road in Holland, Country Pine Farm, LLC, is a hidden gem in the holiday landscape. Here, the air is filled with the scent of pine, and the landscape is adorned with trees that seem to whisper tales of joy. It's not just about selecting a tree; it's about experiencing the enchantment of the season.

4. Treetop Acres - Lockport

Journey to 3936 Lower Mountain Road in Lockport for a visit to Treetop Acres. This charming farm offers not only a diverse selection of trees but also an immersive experience for the whole family. From horse-drawn carriage rides to festive crafts, Treetop Acres transforms the search for a tree into a memorable outing.

5. Boston Hill Nursery - Colden

Discover the scenic beauty of 7421 Old Lower East Hill Road in Colden at Boston Hill Nursery. This destination not only provides an array of evergreen options but also invites you to embrace the tranquility of the holiday season. Stroll through the snow-dusted fields and find the perfect tree to adorn your home.

6. Akron Acres - Akron

Situated at 12607 Stage Road in Akron, Akron Acres invites you to experience the joy of the season. As you wander through the fields, the sight of towering evergreens and the laughter of families around you create an atmosphere of festive bliss. Akron Acres is not just a tree farm; it's a haven of holiday delight.

As the holiday season unfolds, let the quest for the perfect Christmas tree become a treasured tradition. Each of these farms, with its unique charm and offerings, is more than a place to select a tree—it's an opportunity to create lasting memories and embrace the magic of the season. So, bundle up, gather your loved ones, and embark on a journey to find the tree that will bring warmth and joy to your home this holiday season.


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- Gabrielle Guzinski, Digital Marketing Intern 2023

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