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Artist Blog: Founding Kenmore Family L.P.A. Eberhardt

Updated: Apr 10

Our #featurefriday Heidi Brown is an artist and cat trapper from one of the oldest families in Buffalo/ Kenmore Area.  Her great great Grandfather, L.P.A. Eberhardt, founded Kenmore and lived  in the Eberhardt mansion on the corner of Delaware Ave.and Kenmore Ave. in Buffalo, NY. They also owned the land across the street which was donated to the town to be used as a church or community center.  

The village of Kenmore was incorporated in 1899 from part of the town of Tonawanda. It is known as "Buffalo's First Suburb".  The whole point of Kenmore was to be a suburb on the trolley line to access the city. That was only one of L. P. A Eberhardt’s dreams. (Louis Phillip Adolph Eberhardt 1860-1939 -also known as the father of Kenmore) The family originally came over from Germany to Boston, before moving to the greater-buffalo area.

 Eberhardt had a lot of properties. His dream was to have a suburb accessible by trolley or other means of transportation so people didn’t have to live in the city.  They could board their own horses, have livestock and be self-sufficient away from the loud noises, and hustle and bustle of the city.  LPA’s mansion was demolished on 1978 after a fire. His brother George's surviving twin mansion is rented by Jack Hunt currently.  Heidi and her now husband got married at the Tonawanda-Kenmore Museum/church with Eberhardt’s things around them.  John Percy, is an author and family friend attended their wedding.  LPA’S grandson, (Heidi’s grandpa), Robert L. Brown Sr. helped start the museum at 100 Knoche Rd in Buffalo, and he ran it until he was in 80s. It is currently being run by the Tonawanda-Kenmore Historical Society, ( ).  Eberhardt and Brown artifacts from daily early suburban life currently on display there as part of the Tonawanda- Kenmore museum at 100 Knoche Road, Buffalo NY. 

Heidi shared some photos from the museum and their wedding, (more pictures can be found on our instagram page) of author John Percy attending our wedding at the Tonawanda Kenmore Historical Society/ St Peters German Evangelical Church on Knoche Road in 2014, photo of my grandpa Robert Brown  ( LPA Eberhardts grandson ) as a boy, and his christening gown.

Originally, there were twin Mansions. When this home burned, Eberhardt bought the property across the street where the Winfield Mang store and tavern stood on the northwest corner of Delaware and Kenmore Avenues. He converted it into a residence and pharmacy which was occupied by Dr. J.J. Drake. L.P.A. Eberhardt then bought the property, razed the building, and had the carriage house moved across the street. Something that would benefit the community that is Kenmore.  Currently, that land is home to the Kenmore Presbyterian Church, LPA used to sit in the front pew every Sunday.  This church and land has recently been sold.  The remaining family members hope the tradition and purpose for the land will remain, and curious to see what it will turn into.

Heidi loves to travel the city, paint, be an advocate for infant loss awareness, Interstitial cystitis (IC) awareness, and helps trap and rescue neighborhood strays and ferals as part of a TNVR program. Adoptable cats and kittens get placed with local rescues. 

Her art captures animals and some places in Buffalo with a certain whimsy and abstracted illustration akin to which you might find in a children’s book or Matisse painting. She is currently preparing for a show at the Parables Gallery. To inquire about any commissions or art available please email Heidi at

Written By: Katie Parks-Oehmler and Katie Bobowicz

All photos provided by the family of LPA.

Parables Gallery & Gifts

1027 Elmwood Ave.Bflo.N.Y.


May 1-29

First Friday Reception

May 3 / 6:30-8:30

**For more information on LPA Eberhart and the town of Kenmore, you can visit 

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