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Broadway Market: The Love of Butter Lambs

Author: Olivia Carr

Who would have thought a centuries-long tradition of Polish culture could be represented through something as simple as a shaped brick of butter? The Broadway Market is a small piece of Buffalo that represents a culture so widely that people line up hours in advance to shop for not only small trinkets and treats but also experience a flashback to their childhood and carry on family traditions. When entering the market everything grows around you, from the minute you take the escalator down you are submerged in love and care with stories to be told around every corner. With everyone sharing their own hearts with each other they all share a funny similarity, the Butter Lamb. This tradition is a Buffalo legacy carried since the 1800’s and seems to have no end. Butter Lambs are selling out quickly so be sure to grab one from the markets to partake in the Easter tradition.

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