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Buffalo Fashion Week Gala!

Updated: Feb 22

Buffalo Fashion Week Hosted The Gala on February 10 at The Statler hotel. The event was themed futuristic and was in fact just that. The theme Futuristic truly did coincide with what took place at the fashion event and not only through pieces that were seen. But also by the creatives that graced the event with there presence. This was a charity event that rasied money to fund scholarships for art majors. Buffalo is well known for its beloved buffalo bills and highlghts athletics, but the underground art is upon us. In the community this is just one of the few fashionista groups working and representing there city proudly with there creative minds and are actively present in shining light on others that aspire to do the same. Guest had the chance to enter and walk a red carpet met by a plethora of photgrphers, hosts, and fellow artists. The night was truly one to remember.

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