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Springtime in the 716

By Mary Kate Wirfel

As the snow melts and the air gets warmer, more and more Buffalonians want to get out of their houses and get outside. With the COVID-19 virus still around, there are several safe ways to enjoy springtime right here in the 716.

We begin with the next upcoming spring holidays, Easter and Dyngus Day. Usually the Broadway Market would be full of Easter shoppers, but sadly due to the pandemic all that has changed. This year the Broadway Market will be open at half capacity; not all the vendors will be operating this year, but this still gives you time to attend the market, just wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

When shopping for Easter candy and flowers for the springtime season, shop local and support small businesses. In every town there is usually a local florist or greenhouse that grows the prettiest flowers. Usually springtime is the perfect time to landscape and clean up your yard after the winter snow has destroyed it. Shopping at a local greenhouse or florist will help the business tremendously and flowers are the perfect gift for Easter. Don’t forget about the local candy shops. The small businesses usually make their own candy to sell and when you buy Easter chocolates from a local small business you are helping out the community. Easter is the most popular time for giving the gift of candy.

With the weather getting warmer, more restaurants are opening their patios back up for outdoor dining. Outdoor dining is the safest way to eat at a restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic. By eating in or taking out food from a local restaurant you are helping out a small business. One popular food item that people love during warm weather is ice cream. All over the 716 there are many different ice cream stands, each with their own ice cream flavors and styles. Every town has a small local ice cream stand that you can go to. If you are in the mood for some ice cream then head over to your local ice cream shop or stand.

More and more people are finding ways to stay active during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many people have taken up hiking or walking because the gyms closed for a brief period of time. Every town usually has a small park or bike path. There are also several county parks for people to go walk and ride their bikes to enjoy nature and exercise. After being trapped in your home for a few months it’s always a good thing to go outside and enjoy the nice weather. Golfing is another outdoor activity that people enjoy. Local golf courses and country clubs are opening up for the season, so dust off your golf clubs and get outside.

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