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Reverse Snowbird - My move from the 407 to the 716

Salutations, 716ers! I'm Mikey with Discover 716 and I just moved here from Florida, the Sunshine State! I know, I know... why would anyone leave the warm, sunny beaches and move up to the snowy, cold City of Good Neighbors? Well, I came up here here for a job opportunity and a change in scenery, and have found myself delighted so far.

When I first moved here I didn't know a single person or place to hang out. After about a month I realized I needed to get out before I lost my mind, so I decided to do a Google search for any pubs or bars near me. My search brought me to the Lockport Pub, where I met Damian, the owner and founder of Discover 716.

I downloaded the app and quickly learned that I was holding a virtual treasure map of Western New York in the palm of my hand. The app features virtually anything and everything I'd ever need to meet people, find local events, concerts, merchant discounts, and so much more.

Partnering up with Discover 716 has been quite the adventure. I've been able to visit some of the most prestigious establishments, eat some of the most delicious food, and meet some of the coolest people WNY has to offer. I'm a firm believer in the potential of this app, and I've decided to partner up with Damian to help realize his vision for Discover 716.

Here's a little background on me and what I specialize in:

  • I'm a Creative Director working mostly in the digital space

  • I specialize in website design, logo design, and graphic/print design

  • My background is in digital marketing

  • My favorite dish is Chicken Francese

  • My drink of choice is an Old Fashioned

  • I'm always down for pizza and tacos

I'm excited to be a part of this beautiful community, and I look forward to engaging in everything it has to offer. With all of my experience, I'm available to help any businesses with their branding and exposure needs. Feel free to reach out to me for anything you need, 716ers!

You can reach me by calling 716-983-2567, visiting, or emailing

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