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Dyngus Day in Buffalo!

After being canceled in 2020 and very dialed down in 2021, the Western New York tradition embracing Dyngus day is back with the annual parade at downtown Buffalo. This year, the parade is on Monday, April 18th at 5 pm.

Dyngus day is a holiday that falls on the Monday after Easter Sunday every year. It’s known to be a celebration after lent is over as well as a celebration of polish-American culture and heritage. The polish holiday includes pussy willows and squirt guns, Krupnik, paczkis, kielbasa’s, perogies, butter-shaped lambs, and upbeat polkas. Here in Buffalo, we take these traditions very seriously as Buffalo is known to be the “Dyngus capital of America”.

Dyngus day has been a tradition in Buffalo since the 1960s. Buffalo, NY holds the largest Dyngus Day celebration. Tens of thousands of people usually come out for the parade every year. Although, the last few years have looked a little different than normal…we are so excited that the parade is fully back this year in 2022!

By: Jessica Zielinski

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