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Discover 716 takes on the Galbani Italian Heritage Festival

The Galbani Italian Heritage Festival returned to its original home in Niagara Square this year and if the crowds were any indication, the event was a huge success. Attendees enjoyed live music, a fireworks display, a celebrity cheese building contest, and of course - tons of delicious food options from businesses all across Western New York. The all-star lineup of vendors included favorites like Muscarella’s, Panaro's, Gino’s Bakery, Molinaro’s, Romeo and Juliet’s, along with countless others. With so many to choose from, this year’s Italian Festival was a great opportunity to celebrate Italian culture while sampling food from talented local restaurants and bakeries.

Where we ate:

1. Campi’s Pizza

You’ve never seen pizza like this. Campi’s thick, Sicilian-style pizza is absolutely jaw-dropping and we can attest - it tastes just as good as it looks. They have a huge variety of topping options to fit any pizza craving you’re having. Everything from classic cheese and pepperoni, to white pizza, to meat-lovers’, you truly can’t go wrong with these doughy slices. If you weren’t able to grab a slice at the Italian Festival, fear not. Campi’s has two locations - one in Dunkirk and one in Irving, NY. Believe us when we say that this pizza is well worth the drive out.

2. Angelo’s Italian Pastry

Did you really go to the Italian Festival if you didn’t have a cannoli? We tried Angelo’s custard cannoli, cheese cannoli, and pasticiotti. Pasticiotti is a traditional Italian pastry filled with a creamy ricotta filling. Angelo’s put their own spin on the desert by adding an icing glaze and chocolate chips. As for the cannolis, their custard and cream-filled cannolis were delicious enough to make even Nonna proud.

Between the Eat Rite Expo, Water Lantern Festival, and Italian Festival, it was a busy weekend for us here at Discover 716! Now that we’re in the heat of festival and concert season, we’re excited to continue attending events like these. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see where we’re headed next!

Facebook/Instagram: @Discover716

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