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A New Way to Disinfect Your Business.

Written by Marissa Packard

With the COVID pandemic on the forefront of our lives and cases spiking in our area, businesses are looking for new ways to disinfect their facility, so the environment is safe and clean. D2 Solutions and EvaClean by EarthSafe have put together a collaboration that is an infection prevention process and performance improvement program designed for the best sanitation for your business. The PURTABS and PUR-ONE tablets that are used in this program have killed viruses such as the Cold, the yearly Flu, MRSA, SARS, Bacteria, Pathogens. Both products are listed on the EPA List N which has approved products that were effective against COVID-19. It also kills mold within spaces and if you’re also in a situation where water is contaminated from a flood or a hurricane, this product decontaminates water that you can drink to stay hydrated.

Today, with COVID-19, using mops, buckets, wipes, rags and spray bottles won’t work as effective to kill the virus on hard surfaces. We have recently seen a demand for disinfecting wipes and Lysol spray selling fast in stores, which could become costly for small businesses to clean their space. One treatment is 2 minutes and has a three-year shelf life. Also, the application of these cleaning tools could be inconsistent and involve human error which is not ideal when dealing with a clean and safe environment during a pandemic. Another challenge that is faced while using the basic cleaning items is the time constraint that comes with cleaning and sanitizing the facility. This program comes with either a handheld sprayer, that could be used with in offices and smaller areas of 4,000 sq. feet or a backpack sprayer, which could be used to disinfect a hotel lobby or any large surface area. There is an electrostatic process that this product does to kill all of the buildup of particles that are in the air. Hence why it can clean a larger or smaller surface area. Neither choice is wrong when deciding to purchase one to help create a safe environment for your employees, they are both there to do the job to disinfect. With parts of Erie County back in the Orange Zone, high risk contact places, such as gyms, hair salons and nail salons, are searching for new ways to be prepared for when they open again. Using this sanitation system may be the simplest disinfecting they can use to create a clean environment for their employees and customers. It's all touchless and will disinfect a room in just a few minutes. This collaboration program allows for you as a business to get more predictable and repeatable results and gives you a peace of mind that the disinfecting program that your using is the best solution to creating the safest environment for your employees. The products originally come from Ireland which could result in waiting 3 months to get the product if you order from another business but if you order from D2 solutions, they have it already in stock and could take 2-5 business days. A faster delivery for a faster way to disinfect your business.

It is important to note that even before COVID-19, many institutions have already including this cleaning program into their facilities. Hospitals, Doctor Offices and any other places part of the healthcare industry have adapted to this way of cleaning. Public places where there is food is important to have the best sanitation practices. If it is not cleaned properly, the food establishment’s reputation could be at harm. From preschools to college campuses, it is important to create a healthy environment in places where there are large groups of people gather. It is a vulnerable environment where infections and viruses can spread like wildfires. These places are super spreaders for infectious diseases and could be costly to your child's education and learning in person. Athletic facilities, such as gyms, create an environment for individuals to improve their health. But just like schools, many illnesses and infectious diseases could be spread through the athletic environment if not cleaned and sanitized properly, which could ultimately lead to a drastic change in one's health. By using EvaClean, it provides a fast and effective way to clean the equipment in the facility to make sure that the vulnerable environment is sanitized consistently. Back in March 2020, DELTA airlines started using the EvaClean system on their flights to create a safe environment for the workers and travelers when flying. Recently, the Marriott Hotel chain has signed an agreement to use their disinfectant at 6,000 of their hotels.

Visit EvaClean’s website to gain more information about different applications or check out the D2 Solutions Facebook page for more information.

Contact Information: Cell: 716- 983-2567 - cell Office: 716- 957-3531

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