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Things to experience at Delaware Park

Delaware Park is a historic public park located in Buffalo, NY. Designed in 1868-1870, by Olmsted and Vaux. It borders Delaware, Elmwood, Parkside, and Amherst Street areas. When visiting here, visitors can experience a variety of activities and plenty of beautiful scenery. With a glimpse of Scajaquda Creek and many beautiful trees. If you want to go for a walk or jog, this is the place to be. A place for people of any age. Here, offer tourists several trails for visitors to enjoy a peaceful exercise.

It is locally familiar for many young adults to come together and play multiple pickup games. A quick game of 5 on 5 basketball. With various two-sided courts for multiple games to go on. A game of flag football, where there is plenty of open space for a small game for competitive friends. Even a game of tennis, with tennis courts where you can make action happen. Being locally known as the home of the Buffalo Zoo, this gives people a chance to see the animals up close. The perfect place for any florist or any individual. Those who admire flowers and tranquility will enjoy this space.

Two acknowledged gardens call this place home. The Rose Garden which is one gives people the opportunity to enjoy views by using paddle boat flamingos. Another attraction that visitors may enjoy while enjoying views of the park. The many walking trails will lead up to the Japanese Garden. Where many different plants are growing within. This is located next to the historic Buffalo History Museum. Located near is the most notable plant throughout this garden, Cherry Blossoms. Events are locally known to be held throughout many parts of Delaware Park. But the Japanese Garden is widely known because of the scenery of these versatile flowers. This makes it a great spot for wedding venues and great for a photographer.

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