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The New Ferris Wheel at Riverworks

By Mary Kate Wirfel

Have you seen anything new lately in Buffalo? If you go down to RiverWorks you may spy the completion of the newest addition to the downtown Buffalo experience, a ferris wheel.

You might be wondering “why a Ferris wheel?” Several other major cities and places such as Los Angeles and The Jersey Shore have Ferris Wheels so why not Buffalo. With the recent addition of a carousel to Canal Side it would be even more fun to add something else huge to lore more people into visiting downtown buffalo.

The Ferris Wheel which was bought by an Italian manufacturer and brought to Buffalo began construction on July 26th with six weeks of building and is expected to be open to the public in September. The idea is to make buffalo more of a tourist attraction and to bring more people downtown. The ferris wheel will have copper cars surrounded by glass so photographers and viewers can see the view of Lake Erie, Buffalo's waterfront and the steller sunsets. The Farris wheel is not the tallest in the world but it’s definitely going to be the most unique. The colors of the Ferris Wheel are red’ white and blue going along with the colors of The Buffalo Bills.

River works also has live music and a zip line which is currently closed due to the Ferris wheels construction but once the construction is complete the zip line will reopen to the public. So you all can have something to look forward to in the fall a Ferris wheel right here in the 716

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