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The love for pizza around Buffalo, NY

National Pizza Day! February 9

Is it fair to say that most of the population loves pizza? It’s the common ‘easy’ answer to the “What’s your favorite food?” question. Among most places in the United States, you can find pizza all around the city and towns surrounding Buffalo. The love for food flows throughout Buffalo and is a huge part of the overall culture. A staple of the Buffalo-style pizza is the crispy cup-n-char pepperoni which is an important component. One of the best things about the pizza in Buffalo is that there are so many options. There are places that are more ‘known’ in town, but also the ‘hidden’ and smaller places can be just as good, if not better. La Nova Pizzeria To start, La Nova Pizzeria is at the top of the list for a ‘go-to’ pizza place for my family and me. Joe Todaro, the owner, has been continuing the art of traditional pizza in Buffalo since 1957. Along with their famous wings, the pizza is delicious whatever way you order it. A popular option, which is my favorite, is the popular sesame seed crust. This, as well as the rest of the menu, is a unique characteristic of La Nova, comparatively.

Forno Napoli When it comes to high-quality, authentic ingredients, Forno Napoli is the place to go. The creators behind these amazing pizzas come from a second-generation Italian family; whose mission is to combine family recipes, traditional methods, and hospitality into their restaurant and food. Specializing in Neapolitan pizza, they use imported, fresh ingredients from Italy to put together the perfect pizza.


In recent years, the owners of Caputi’s Pub expanded their business by adding Candyman Pizza. Since then, their 11-inch wood-fired pizzas have been an extreme success. With pizza being their main focus, they do have limited options. However, you can have traditional Margherita and pepperoni, but also unique and intriguing options. The “Candyman” style pizza is my favorite, as it is a basic pepperoni pizza with a few extra toppings that I might not usually think to add to a pizza. You are able to add whichever ingredients on whichever pizza you want to your specific liking.

Bocce Club Pizza Bocce Club Pizza is another example of traditional pizza in Buffalo. Also, they deliver their pizza nationwide! Since 1946 they have been a fan favorite with their specialty pizzas, wings, and subs. The reason for the love of this pizza is the thick, chewy crust and sweet sauce.

Grace Carra

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