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The Humbert House: New American meets Historic

By: Kevin Girasole

The Humbert House is a unique dining experience curated by Chef Sal Latorre. It is a self proclaimed contemporary American bistro that over delivers and serves exceptional food. The minds- and hands at work in The Humbert House have truly created a special experience centered around new-American cuisine.

Located in "the Hollow" of Clarence, The Humbert House sits in one of the most historically rich areas of Western New York. It is referred to as the Hollow because of the dip in elevation, as it is seemingly sandwiched between two sloping hills. Many of the buildings in this stretch of Clarence date back to the 1800s, and some may be even older. For an area as rich in history as Western New York, we are no strangers to such meaningful and historic architecture.

The Humbert House is a rather historical building as well, and has been through radical renovations to preserve and memorialize its past. Above the bar, one can see an original "Humbert" sign that nods to its early-American roots. The house was originally owned by the Humberts, a prominent family who ran a pharmacy and general store in the Clarence Hollow. The Humbert House is a shocking yet welcome juxtaposition of new-American food and old-American charm.

Sal Latorre is a passionate chef who aims to bring food that he enjoys to the forefront of his new bistro. He tries to bring a mixture of culture and styles to create tasty, intricate meals that highlight different flavors and palettes. Take for instance his sweet potato pie, that is decadently sweet, yet has a hint of heat that really elevates the dessert. Or, for example, his duck breast, which is carefully cooked to a perfect juicy interior, accompanied by various greens and mushrooms. The flavors compliment each other amazingly and he serves pairings you may not expect- but end up becoming your favorite meals.

The menu at The Humbert House changes frequently, as Chef Sal aims to highlight what food is fresh and in season at the time. The menu we had available to us may not be available when you inevitably visit The Humbert House, but yours will be just as good. Fresh food, good times and amazing atmosphere are the top concerns when you dine at The Humbert House, and each is delivered upon remarkably.

Clearly much care went into crafting the beautiful dining experience that is present at The Humbert House, and we cannot recommend it enough. If you're looking for a chance to experience high dining at a historically rich bistro, The Humbert House should be your next destination.

You can call or visit the website to place a reservation


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