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Sunflowers of Sanborn

By Cassie Kamens

In Sanborn, NY there is a sunflower field and it seems like everyone knows about it but do they know the story behind it? Earlier this week, I met Louise, one of the owners. Lousie told me about how she started the sunflower field, at first it was in dedication to her mother who had passed away. She explained how people then started to line up on the side of the road to see the sunflowers the first year. From here, the Sunflowers of Sanborn expanded, adding new activities every year. It is certainly the place to be for the perfect photo and a good time.

There are two fields of sunflowers, the one up front is not tampered with making it the perfect place for pictures and the one in the back is also beautiful but the flowers can be cut and purchased. There are many different varieties of sunflowers too, all equally beautiful! I also learned how to cut a sunflower from Louise, I had no idea there was a way to cut a sunflower that would keep it alive longer. When cutting a sunflower, you want to cut off all of the leaves and then cut the stem so that the length of it(the stem) is about the same size as an adult forearm. The reason for cutting off the extra leaves is so that all of the nutrients in the stem when you cut it are used for the sunflower. I also learned that if you put a sunflower in a clear pop, like Sprite or 7-up, the flower will last longer due to the sugar in the pop.

Sunflowers are not the only crop that the farm owned by Louise and her family produces. The farm also has a massive corn field that is used for cattle, ethanol production, and a corn maze. Louise talked about how everything that the farm does is all done by them without outside help, as in they plant, monitor growth, gather crops, and all of the other responsibilities that come with owning a farm by themselves. On my walk around the farm, Lousie pointed out where extra corn is stored from year to year today and also where corn was stored when her great grandmother purchased the land(80 acres) in 1920. The farm has been in her family for over 100 years!

There are so many activities to do, the Sunflowers of Sanborn is a place for the whole family. Outside of the sunflower fields some of the things to do include grabbing a snack, sifting through rocks for hidden gems, rubber duck races, an apple cannon (my personal favorite), hayrides, and so much more! The apple cannon is just that, a massive apple launcher. The cannon can be a little loud, but there are plenty of soundproof headphones available. So pick a cannon and aim for various targets scattered in the field. Another great activity is the corn maze; There are two, one for children and one for adults where you have to work to solve a mystery. It’s a fun combination of an escape room and a corn maze.

The Sunflowers of Sanborn are a must see! I can’t wait to go back with my family!

Here is the website for more information:

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