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Our Experience Pedaling Through the 716: Buffalo Pedal Tours

Buffalo Pedal Tours offers the 716 community an experience of a lifetime with bike and boat pedal tours for every occasion. Last week, our Discover716 intern team partnered with Buffalo Pedal Tours for a surf & turf pedaling experience that doubled as the perfect team bonding!

Want to learn more about our interns' experiences pedaling through the city? Continue reading for more on this special opportunity; you won't want to miss it!


Serena's Experience

Exploring the city with the wind blowing through your hair, jamming out to music, and exercising while doing it...what more could you ask for?? Buffalo Pedal Tours has you covered.

Last week our Discover716 team was fortunate enough to go on surf & turf tours with Buffalo Pedal Tours, pedaling away on both land and water. We started with the pedal tour on land in which we boarded the bike in front of the Buffalo Pedal Tours garage in downtown Buffalo. From there we took off through the city.

Pedaling wasn’t always easy, as we did reach a few hills, but our team had smiles on our faces the entire ride. I like to think we became great multitaskers as we pedaled our feet and waved our hands in the air to my awesome pedal tour playlist. Buffalo Pedal Tours allows its guests to DJ their own rides, which I really enjoyed.

As we rode through the city, we drew quite a bit of attention to ourselves. Cars honked and people waved, bringing more excitement to the ride. We were even able to pass Sahlen Field on game day which made the tour extra special.

After our land tour, we made our way to the marina where we boarded our pedal boat. Here we were given the run-down on safety procedures and then took off to Lake Erie. On the Buffalo Pedal Tours boat, pedaling is optional. Depending on guests’ preferences and the state of the water that day, the captain can lower the pedals and have guests power the boat, or use the boat’s motor.

After already pedaling through the city, our team was ready to just cruise, so that’s what we did! Once again, we were able to play our own music and create a party scene on the water. Buffalo Pedal Tours even had props, such as a tambourine, to add an extra bit of fun to our ride. It is clear that Buffalo Pedal Tours wants its guests to have the experience of a lifetime with the small details they include.

While on our boat ride, we received quite the tour of Buffalo as we cruised through the lake, past Canalside, and even rode to the General Mills factory where we enjoyed the sweet smell of Lucky Charms. Along the way, their staff gave us bits of history, making the tour both fun and informative.

The Buffalo Pedal Tours surf & turf experience was truly one of the most unique activities I’ve done in my 19 years of living in Buffalo. For our Discover716 team, it was a bonding activity that we certainly benefited from. I would definitely recommend Buffalo Pedal Tours to those looking for a one-of-a-kind experience and am already hoping to take on another pedal tour with my friends and family!


Aby's Experience

I have never been on a pedal tour before, but every time I was in the city I would without a doubt see a bike pedaling through 716. Recently I got the opportunity to do a surf and turf tour meaning I went on Buffalo Pedal Tours land bike, as well as their boat tour.

When I first got on the bike, I was relieved to find out the seats were adjustable and I could comfortably pedal without any trouble. Before we pulled away, our guide and the owner, Ken Szal, had every rider sign a safety agreement that went over all the information needed in order to pull away (including checking identification for those who chose to bring alcoholic beverages). After that was finished, he showed us the hand signals he would use for different meanings in case the music was too loud during the ride to make sure we were all safe.

The ride itself was super fun, and our guide was very engaging with the riders as well as other pedestrians and drivers in Buffalo, which made the experience very high energy and enjoyable.

Once the pedal tour was over, we drove over to the Erie Basin Marina where our boat tour began. Once again, at the beginning of the ride our captain went over safety procedures and rules that made the passengers feel comfortable and safe, but still allowed us to have fun. Once we left the dock, we got music playing and we had the opportunity to tour around Canalside and Riverworks. It was a beautiful day out and all of the passengers were already asking their friends and family to get a group together and reserve a ride.

I would highly recommend Buffalo Pedal Tours to anyone who has a free day in the summer and is looking to have fun! Thank you BPT for such an awesome experience!


Nick's Experience

Buffalo Pedal Tours was an experience I will not forget and definitely would be interested in doing again. The owner, Ken, made sure everyone was as comfortable as possible in the situation and he was very responsible.

Before we set off on our adventure Ken made sure everyone knew when to pedal and when to stop pedaling if we came to a stop sign or a traffic light for everyone’s safety. We were also given the option to bring drinks along if you chose to do so in order to drink when you were pedaling.

Pedaling itself was not too difficult because everyone was working together in order to move and it was not too much work that you would be tired for the rest of the day. Also, pedaling was something easy enough to do that you could still talk to everyone there and did not have to focus on pedaling too much. Pedaling was pretty mindless and you could still enjoy your ride with the other people you went with.

I think my favorite part about the pedal tour was where Ken took us. We went on a day

where there was a baseball game going on and Ken took us right past the stadium where we could see all the fans lining up to get in. We also passed by a lot of cool buildings in the city of Buffalo where Ken gave us the option to stop pedaling and get off and look around if we chose to do so.

Overall I think the pedal tour was a great activity to do for any situation with any type

of group.


Liam's Experience

Last week, myself and others went on both the Buffalo Pedal Tours bike and boat tours around the city of Buffalo and around the Canalside and Riverworks areas of the Inner Harbor.

The experience was great. These events are great to get people together whether it be your friends, family, coworkers, or any other group. Both the tours (bike and boat) get everyone engaged and active. I also like the fact that each bike and boat are equipped with Bluetooth speakers, so anyone can hook up a phone or tablet and play music, whether it be Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

The owner, Ken Szal, is a great guy, very friendly, and knowledgeable about the areas around the city. The boat was great too. Each captain is Coast Guard certified so they are experienced on the water for your safety and security.

The boat tour goes by the Buffalo Harbor’s historic lighthouse, as well as by the Canalside Naval Park, Grain Silos and the Cheerio's factory. The boat tour also goes by some of the new areas being developed around Riverworks and Canalside. I had a great experience on the Buffalo Pedal tours and I hope you do too! Check out their website and social media pages linked below for more info.

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