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New Discover 716 App has a lot to offer

Buffalo’s new mobile app can make savings and entertainment an easy find! From an awesome events calendar, to discounts for a night on the town – Discover 716 allows you to see Western New York from a whole new angle. There are so many things to experience in our community, it can be almost overwhelming to keep track of it all!

Upstate New York is known for having great food, friendly people, and plenty of events to enjoy. The goal of Discover 716 is to bring all of these things together in a single, easy to use, platform. With the touch of your finger, you can find coupons for your next visit to a favorite local restaurant, or maybe you’d like somewhere new.

My family found an offer for the Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours at Niagara Falls and used the app to purchase an aerial tour for a summer birthday. We’d been looking for something special to surprise my mother with, and this was just what we needed. It’s a thrilling experience that will make for a great family outing, and a long-lasting memory.

Likewise, other coupons are equally useful. With the new year coming up, news year’s resolutions are right around the corner. 9Round gym is offering a free gym trial for your first workout. This is the perfect way to break into a healthy lifestyle change. For wine and spirits aficionados, there are 10%, 15% and even 20% discounts for retail drinks at Hertel Liquor Library and Aceti’s Wine and Spirits. Besides that, there are a number of restaurants with deals and packages! It’s easy to access the app while at a restaurant. With just a few clicks I can bring up the coupon I was looking for, or even find a new offer to take advantage of.

Each month on the Discover 716 app there are a few premier event features. Coming up for Christmas the Pearl street Christmas Party 13 is featured! There are always new editions and the calendar stays organized and easy to navigate. The app itself will even guide you to the destination you’re going to.

All in all, the Discover 716 app makes for a convenient way to find new hot spots and save a few bucks. It’s both easy to use – and free to download.

Post by: Landon Murphy, Buffalo Proud

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