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Hey Hey Buffalo

“Hey Hey Buffalo”

By Conor Thompson

Hey hey Buffalo I hope everyone is hanging in there during these crazy times. I’m excited to let the city of neighbors know that I just started with Discover716 and will be writing a blog about the city. I grew up in Hartford Connecticut, don’t have any family in Buffalo and have never lived in the city. So, you’re probably wondering how I fell in love with Buffalo and your teams.

It started when the Hartford Whalers moved to North Carolina. My parents were Whaler season ticket holders and when I was 2 I was with them at the last game the Whaler’s ever played in Hartford. At the time my dad was in sales and spent a lot of his time working in Buffalo, specifically with the Buffalo News. He bought a Sabres season ticket plan and the rest is history. He would often pick me up on Fridays from preschool and we would drive up to Buffalo for the weekend.

My earliest memories involve trips with my dad to Sabres games. From meeting Dominik Hasek at 5 years old, getting Stu Barnes stick and seeing Niagara Falls. I’m looking forward to sharing these stories about how a kid from Hartford fell in love with a city 6 hours away from him. Thanks for reading Buffalo

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