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Grand Opening of Vinny’s Pizzeria is Easy As…Pizza pie?

A car just leaving, a sunny day with the outside front of Vinny's Pizzeria
View of Vinny's Pizzeria across the street by Alexander Ulatowski

Kenmore N.Y.- Nestled in the Village of Kenmore, Vinny’s Good Eats has officially opened its doors for business serving the Western New York Community. Vinny’s Good Eats had its grand opening on Sunday, June 14. On a bright sunny Flag Day morning, standing six feet apart from each other, Ken-Ton locals stopped and lined the Delaware Ave. sidewalk to Vinny’s Good Eats.

Employees holding Pizza Box signs by Alexander Ulatowski

Two young female employees holding brown pizza cardboard box signs that read “Free Pizza”, greeted locals passing by on the sidewalk. Patrons were told that if they were interested to head inside where they would receive a free pepperoni and cheese pizza slice that was fresh from the oven. Many of the customers who stopped in said that the pizza was "delicious," "well prepared," and "authentic" to the Western New York area.

This new establishment at 2835 Delaware Ave., Vinny’s has over 20 gourmet pizzas served daily. Vinny’s offers patrons cheap prices for slices of pizzas like the “Big Mic” (a play on the Big Mac), the “Spicy Pickle,” “Ole Fashion,” and the classic Margherita style pizza that many enjoy. For those who are vegan or on the gluten-free craze that is sweeping the nation, Vinny’s has a “Gluten-Free” (6 slices) pizza, Greek, Spinach and Feta, and Veggie lover gourmet pizzas to order.

Employee serving a pepperoni pizza slice
Pepperoni pizza served by the slice by Alexander Ulatowski

Vinny’s also tosses some great chicken wings with over 20 unique sauces such as Italian, General Tso’s, Mango Habanero, Lemon Pepper, and Honey Garlic Bourbon-BBQ. Not only can you get iconic Italian cuisines at Vinny’s but also delicious submarine sandwiches.

Vinny’s offers sandwiches like “The Love Sub” stacked with steak, ground beef, curly fries, ketchup, mayo, and lettuce made for a king. There is also “The God Father”, a sub layered with capicola, salami, ham, banana peppers, and shredded mozzarella, the “Steak in the Grass” sub, and Western New York’s classic staple the “Chicken Finger”sub.

While some may assume Vinny’s is just another pizzeria, you have thought wrong. What makes Vinny’s unique is that they also serve burgers and fries. You can order the Black & Bleu Burger, Stuff Banana Pepper Burger, Cool & Spicy Burger, and the Mushroom Swiss Burger that you could devour in seconds.

A hand holding a pizza slice box outside of Vinny's Pizzeria
Pizza to go by Alexander Ulatowski

As our community adjusts back to normalcy from this COVID-19 national epidemic, Western New York locals have continued to support small businesses during this lockdown by buying local. With the economic uncertainty that many small business owners are facing and the worry of closing their doors for good, it is through the generosity of the neighbors in their communities to support them during this time. From the turnout of Kenmore residents welcoming Vinny’s to their neighborhood grabbing the free pizza slices, will help support Vinny’s Good Eats in years to come.

A group photo of Vinny's Pizzeria employees on the grand opening of the establishment
Staff group photo by Damian Spalla

The staff at Discover 716 congratulate Vinny’s Good Eats on their grand opening and welcome them to the Western New York Community. We wish Vinny’s staff and owner the best of luck with their business endeavors.

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