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Drinking Locally

By Damond Flynn

Whether you are looking to celebrate something, or just want to enjoy a fun and unique experience, look no further than the great breweries we have here in Buffalo. With over 35 breweries in the Buffalo area, there is something for everyone when it comes to finding your new favorite drink. In addition to the 35+ breweries in the Buffalo area, there are also over 20 tap rooms where you will find the freshest brewed beer. Not only do these breweries offer great beer, but also provide amazing food, which allows for the complete experience with friends and family.

Enjoy local favorites such as Pills Mafia by Thin Man Brewery, Sponge Bomb from Steelbound Brewing, and many many more. Not sure if you’re going to like a drink on the menu? No worries, with flights offered by nearly every brewery, you get the option to have a sample platter with beers of your choice, which is great for first-timers.

There is something for everyone whether you prefer IPA’s, Stout’s, Pilsners, you name it. With the abundance of breweries in the Buffalo area, one can find your favorite drink with ease. Stay up to date with your favorite breweries on all social media platforms, as new releases are announced seemingly every week. Drinking locally is one of the best ways to support your favorite breweries so don’t hesitate, book reservations for as many breweries as you would like! You may be surprised with what you come across.

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