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Discover Niagara by Frey - Premium Chocolates in the 716 - The Best Chocolate in Western New York

Located at 3500 Genesee Street in Buffalo, you will find homemade Caramel, Sponge Candy, and the best chocolate to ever kiss your taste buds. Niagara by Frey was established in 1956 by the Terranova family, starting out with ice cream in the summer and chocolate in the winter. They soon after evolved into more than just a candy bar company and into a driving factor behind some of the largest charities in Western New York.

Some of these charities include The Buffalo Bills, UB Athletics, WNY Heroes, JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, the Buffalo Zoo, and just about every candy bar charity drive in Western New York. They have acquired a major presence in the local community and their dedicated staff, international mindset, our passion for enriching their customers’ lives drives their quest to create innovative, tasty and trendy products for every occasion.

Niagara by Frey continues to produce high quality chocolates in Buffalo, New York, the birthplace of SweetWorks, their parent company. While in Toronto, they manufacture colorful and delicious candy and gum – entirely gluten- and nut-free!

Check out their fundraising opportunities for their catalog and candy bar programs found on their website by clicking here. Just an inside tip for you sponge candy lovers, last March they won first place in a blindfolded sponge candy contest for Buffalo, and have also been involved in Kegs & Eggs with Resurgence Brewery Company, where they made a small batch of Orange/Chocolate Hefeweizen and Peanut Brittle Brown Ale. Another exciting event was Sponge Candy day with Mayor Byron Brown!

Here at Discover 716, we have a deep appreciation for our community. We invite you all to visit Niagara by Frey for some exciting local events and sweet, sweet candy!

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