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Discover Lockport Pub - Good Eats and Great Drinks in the 716

I moved to the Buffalo area a couple of months ago from Florida. I know, who does that, right? Well, in my first month here I can honestly say I was pretty miserable. I didn't know anyone and I definitely didn't have a clue of where to go to meet new people. I'm staying with a buddy in the Lockport area so I did a quick Google search for bars near me and found Lockport Pub, so I decided to visit it.

Lockport Pub is a quiet little (big) pub dive off of Lincoln Road. Located in the Lockport Plaza it's definitely hard to miss nestled away with other local businesses. I walked in not really expecting much, sat down at the bar, and ordered a whiskey ginger. There weren't many people here that night, but I noticed that the people who were there were actually around my age. The crowd that night was full of young professionals 25 - 35 years old which I assumed visit the bar regularly.

In time I found that the locals were very especially friendly. I made friends with some of the regulars, and quickly became acquainted with the owner. I asked him a bit about himself and the bar, and it turns out he opened the place about 6 years ago. Hes a local business owner for almost 30 years with clubs and bars in all of Western New York.

The owner has an excitable fascination with food and local business. He was eager to have me try everything on the menu. With over 20 different wing flavors and a variety of other items on the menu, I had no idea where to start. I decided to go with the new Crispy Chicken Battered Wings - which I have to say, blow KFC out of the park. Everything I have tried so far at the pub has been great - mostly because you can tell that the owner has somehow transferred his love for food into everything on the menu.

Lockport Pub isn't just a a place where you find friendly locals and a good choice of food for your belly, but it's also home to a plethora of different events and venues. On the calendar just for January, they have three events currently listed. January 5th saw a local semi-pro football team's (LOCKPORT WILDCATS) "Beer Bash" with a pretty large turnout, January 18th will host a Private Listening Party, January 19th we have National Recorded Artist "JB Aaron", and then finally on January 26th they have a CD Release Party.

As you can see, Lockport Pub has a lot to offer in a town that may not seem like it really has much of anything else going on. I am happy to have been led here by the interwebz, and I think it's safe to say this is now my second home.

Here at Discover 716 we have a deep appreciation for local businesses in our community. We warmly welcome you to visit Lockport Pub and the other local businesses we mention on our blog - and we invite you to download our app on both iPhone and Android to find out what's going on in our beloved Buffalo.

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