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Dining at Tecla Rustic Bistro & Bar

Tecla Rustic Bistro & Bar located in Sanborn, NY just celebrated their grand opening which was commenced with a ribbon cutting ceremony last week. At Tecla, Owner & Chef, Joe Belardi, believes that great food stems from a love of cooking, an an appreciation of simple ingredients.

Our interns had the opportunity to be present for the ceremony, then dine in and experience the Tecla menu. If you love Italian food you’re going to want to keep reading to hear about our interns experiences and why Tecla needs to be your next place for date night or family dinner!


Errika's Review

Tecla Rustic Bistro & Bar has some of the best food that caters to everyone’s palettes, and you will not be disappointed. Their menu offers a variety of entrée items, starters, and sides, as well as an impressive dessert menu. We had the opportunity to experience the Tecla menu, and the food was amazing. When you walk into the restaurant you are immediately greeted with a family friendly atmosphere. You can see where that originates from by the family photos of owner Joe Belardi’s family and ancestors. I was able to try a variety of items on the menu such as the baked gnocchi, day boat scallops, and the classic carbonara. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the scallops were excellent. The scallops are served on a bed of lobster risotto and fried caper salad. The combination of scallops and lobster risotto is perfect for anyone who loves seafood. If you're not big on seafood, you can't go wrong with the baked gnocchi which is served with a tomato sauce. At Tecla you’re not going to want to miss out on dessert either. We were able to try the broken cannoli and tiramisu which were both delicious. If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, make sure to check out Tecla. I can’t wait to take my family for dinner this week!


Cassie's Review

On Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the ribbon cutting at Tecla restaurant. The entire experience was nothing short of phenomenal! Tecla had a really cool atmosphere; it was the perfect balance of upscale dining and family comfort. I was able to meet chef and owner, Joe Belardi, who has a contagious energy and love for what he does and his family. I love that the restaurant was named after two of his family members! The walls of the restaurant had family photos providing a home like feel and atheistic which makes you want to try as much of the items on the menu as possible. Everything on the menu sounds delicious, I was able to try the baked gnocchi, margarita flatbread pizza, tiramisu, and cracked cannoli. Everything was delicious, but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be the baked gnocchi and cracked cannoli. The gnocchi practically melted in my mouth and the combination of gnocchi, sauce, and cheese was “to die for”. The cracked cannoli was also delicious, I was unsure about the combination of elements but I had nothing to worry about. It was one of the best desserts, I have ever had and definitely the best cannoli. I can’t wait to take my family for a meal at Tecla!


Nick's Review

The new Tecla restaurant in Sanborn is the perfect restaurant for the whole family to have a night out with amazing Italian food that even the pickiest eaters are sure to love. A big problem for families is finding dishes that their kids will eat and enjoy, at Tecla this is not an issue you will run into. A lot of young children are picky eaters and going out to restaurants is a struggle sometimes because parents want their kids to enjoy the food there. At Tecla, this is sure to be not an issue. The owner, Joe, has two young kids himself so he is sure to know how to cook something that young children will enjoy. Being a pretty picky eater myself that does not like a lot of types of food, I enjoyed everything Joe served us. Personally, I typically stay clear of eating any seafood, but the scallops that Joe served us were so good that I’m sure even a picky eater will enjoy them. If seafood is not really your picky eater’s thing, I’d suggest the gnocchi. The gnocchi that we were served was the best I’ve had and Joe mentioned it was a fan favorite of Tecla’s. The dish itself was very simple that as long as you like red sauce then you’re sure to enjoy it. Once finished with your main course, there is a dessert option for everyone that they’ll be sure to love. Overall Tecla has an atmosphere that the whole family will enjoy.


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