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Buffalo Business Owner: Ken Szal

By Jackson Kelly

What more could you ask for from a company other than an extremely passionate and energetic owner? Ken Szal, owner of Buffalo Pedal Tours, is exactly that kind of small business owner and I had the pleasure of interviewing him a bit about his company while on one of his tours.

When I asked Ken why he chose to start his business in Buffalo, his only response was “This city is a great place to bring this kind of energy." I can’t help but agree with him; the energy was there. For starters, Ken was able to turn a group of about 12 interns into a lively bunch of cyclists, eager to take on the route he so meticulously planned for us.

Ken never neglected to wave at any and all passerby’s as well, almost including them

in the great time we were having. Certainly exemplary of a good neighbor in a city full

of them. You can see Ken’s many passions come out when he talks about the city of

Buffalo and where it was, where it is, and where it’s going.

Many local businesses had to close down due to COVID-19 and so on our route we discussed whether or not certain businesses would reopen and if not, what would possibly replace them. Regardless, there are an abundance of locations in the area that Ken still stops at during his tours.

Harping on the inner child in me, I couldn’t help but ask Ken “so, do you ever race them?” To which Ken proudly replied that yes, a couple of the vehicles he sold second hand were currently being used to race in Texas.

If there’s anything that you should know about Ken though it is his warmth and hospitality. With open arms for anyone looking to have a blast on a pedal bike, Ken brings the energy. Even on a day jammed with traffic, Ken steered us past Sahlen field to cheer on the Blue Jays who’ve made Buffalo their temporary home. Without a doubt he’s extremely dedicated to what he does, and in the future I hope I can rally some friends and join Ken again.

If you’re looking to hop on a pedal tour anywhere in Buffalo, it should be with Buffalo Pedal

Tours and none other than Ken Szal.

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