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Who we are.

Discover716 is non-profit organization with a two-pronged mission. First, we want to help small businesses and the non-profit community thrive by helping them market themselves and building their brand recognition, knowing that many are resource-constrained, especially due to the pandemic. Second, we are creating internships for college students in a collaborative work environment to help these small businesses and non-profits. College students across a multitude of disciplines – marketing, technology, graphic arts, journalism, and so on – gain invaluable experience with Discover716 helping meet the needs of our “clients.” Mentors help guide the students, but the students have tremendous latitude to tap their creativity and build their portfolio as they worked to build the brand of those who needed our assistance. Your contribution is essential to helping us fulfill our mission.

The 716 is filled with some of the best people in the world. Buffalo very well has earned the nickname "The City of Good Neighbors." We are here for the people and the community. We want to give back to those who give back. We hope to build up and inspire everyone in the 716.