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App Users

"Wonderful app! It's a great way to find what the 716 area has to offer. Good for locals and visitors"

- App user

"It's a great way to find out what's happening in the area"

- App user

"We always need to see the importance of helping our community, especially in times like these. We need people to help and each look out for each other, which is what we do at Discover716"

- Past Intern: Liam Cheasty


"So much to see and do and eat. So much I never even knew about there are little secrets everywhere."

- Facebook User Review

"I enjoyed interning at Discover716 because it is catered to what you are interested in. If you're in college and looking for a flexible internship that you can pretty much do anything with, I would highly recommend applying!"

- Past Intern: Kelsey Rohde


"As someone who has lived in Hartford all my life, I was amazed how a company 6 hours away has kept me involved in everything and made me feel apart of the team even though I'm far away"

- Past Intern: Conor Thompsonl

"What a great app! Helped me find several local businesses to support our local economy!"

- App user

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