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Dining and Drinks at Spot Coffee


SPoT Coffee is an international company with different locations housed from places in buffalo to Niagara Falls. The Niagara Falls SPoT Café is nestled on Buffalo Ave right next to one of our seven wonders of the world: Niagara Falls. This café is perfect for a quick on the go bite to eat or for catching up with a friend for Spot offers a great lounge area.

Our Interns got the chance to come out to Spot and try their popular food and drink items hosted by the amazing staff. The food is exceptional and the drinks are quite tasty. The service was astonishing and the atmosphere is so cozy perfect for studying. Come to SPoT Café in Niagara Falls for a great time.


Sabrina George Intern Review

The Spot Cafe in Niagara Falls, NY was a very underrated spot to me. The design of the building was beautiful, the outside looked like the authentic buildings of Niagara Falls, while the inside was very unique. The inside of the building was filled with beautiful murals of different singers, actors, etc.


We were given an array of food, including the Mike sandwich, the SPoT’s Pesto Chicken sandwich, the Mesclun salad, and the Belgian Waffle, we were also given three different drinks, the Strawberry banana smoothie, a flavored iced tea, and an iced caramel macchiato. I personally got to try the Mesclun Salad, and the smoothie. The Mesclun Salad was great, it was really refreshing and great for the hot day it was. The salad was filled with plenty of greens, including arugula, and a really great balsamic dressing. The dressing added a great amount of flavor to the greens and the blue cheese, while the dried cranberries added the right amount of sweetness. The Strawberry banana smoothie was the best drink I had, it was the perfect amount of strawberry and banana and it stayed cool while I was outside by the falls in the hot sun.


This cafe is a great place to go to if you want to grab some food that is quick and on the go, and then you can take a short walk right to the falls straight from the cafe. I would definitely recommend any locals, and visitors to visit the spot cafe in Niagara Falls.

Matt Murphy Intern Review

SPoT coffee is in downtown Niagara Falls. Walking into SPoT was a very nice walk and walking in provided a visual eye-opening experience. From the different murals on the wall to the lighting that made SPoT feel like a second home. The staff and food and beverages they serve make the atmosphere smell so good and amazing reminding you of home and fresh cooked bread and bagels and coffee!


I tried the Belgium Waffle and the Strawberry passion tea. The Belgium waffle was light and fluffy topped with chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, and fresh fruit. The waffle once I bit into it, my taste buds exploded, the fruit complemented the waffle as you bit into the fruit was a sweet complement to the subtle chocolate syrup that perfectly paired with the waffle and crisp taste of it. The waffle was very tasty and pleasing just to look at as well, and perfect for a summer morning to start your day off on the right foot. The Strawberry passion tea was perfect and refreshing for a hot summer afternoon, the taste of the strawberry flavoring with passion tea creating a subtly sweet and sour taste that complemented each other well and tasted perfect for a hot summer afternoon. This tea is perfect for any summer occasion and the waffle is your breakfast go to item both will leaving your taste buds wanting more! SPoT coffee is the place to be for any of your needs, from drinks to food they serve it all go check them out!


Hannah Steiner Intern Review

The Niagara Falls SPoT Coffee has everything a restaurant needs: a great location, relaxing interior, spectacular food, and friendly staff.

Typically when a restaurant claims to be in Niagara Falls, it doesn’t mean the Falls can be seen while in the restaurant as it can from this SPoT location. That alone made this coffee shop stand out. The outdoor patio, filled with colorful flowers that coincided perfectly with SPoT’s colors, was a perfect addition to the building for one to sit and enjoy the view.


The beauty of the exterior did nothing to prepare for the awe-inspired interior. Every wall is outdone with murals of historical Niagara Falls icons, including SPoT’s owner’s influences. We see Joan Crawford, a famous actress who resided in Niagara Falls for a period of time, next to Harriet Tubman. The historical aspect of this location is interesting, as there’s an exposed section of the underground railroad right across the street from SPoT. Paul Gromisik, a Niagara Falls historian and teacher, is painted sitting at a table under a lunar rainbow with Frederick Law Olmsted, a famed designer of many New York parks, notably the grounds of Niagara Falls and Central Park. We also see Nikola Tesla and Marilyn Monroe painted at large. Emily Rugg Green, a loving and giving ICU nurse, is portrayed going over the Falls in a brown barrel. And the last two figures painted are the owner of SPoT Coffee’s parents, a tribute to all they have helped accomplish.


SPoT Coffee offers a large menu with seasonal items that give customers something new to try every time they come. The staff was incredibly helpful and even shared their favorite menu items. SPoT Coffee is a great place to go to get work done, hang with friends, or simply stop in while enjoying Niagara Falls.

Jon Boberg Intern Review

As soon as you walk into this SPoT Coffee location you are welcomed to a very serene environment. There are two cozy lounges and a ton of amazing artwork. There are several murals and Niagara Falls related paintings on the walls. We were presented with a great display of food and drinks. I had the Mesclun Salad. The mixed field greens were fresh and crisp. The SPoT signature balsamic vinaigrette paired perfectly with the dried cranberries, toasted almonds, and crumbly blue cheese that was on top. We had the opportunity to try their new seasonal strawberry tea. It is perfect and refreshing for a hot summer day.

Hailey Muscarella Intern Review

Spot Coffee located right next to one of the seven wonders of the world, Niagara Falls, is a great hangout spot to go with friends in the summer for a bite to eat or for tasty drinks. The layout is perfect for studying for spot coffee offers free wifi and comfortable couches with outlets for a busy day of studying. The atmosphere is very welcoming with amazing artwork of the falls on their walls. The staff was so amazing for they were quite helpful and knowledgeable about each food item.  


The pesto chicken panini was my personal favorite for the bread was grilled to perfection and there was a perfect ratio of chicken, pesto and cheese. There was a generous layer of a red tomato spread which added an extra taste of deliciousness. This panini comes with house made chips that have the perfect crunch and a deli sized pickle! Overall this panini is a must try!  


Next was the Mike Sandwich. This is for all the bagel lovers out there. This was an everything bagel with fried eggs, provolone cheese and cream cheese that created the perfect symphony of flavors. This paired quite well with the caramel macchiato which we also tried. That was a perfect coffee drink which had amazing flavors of espresso, caramel and the steamed milk. This caramel macchiato was the perfect iced drink to pair with the Mike bagel sandwich.  


Since the Falls is in walking distance, you can take your food to go and have a wonderful picnic at the falls on a gorgeous summer day! Overall, Spot Coffee is the place for you if you are looking for great times, amazing food and tasty drinks all season long! 

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