The Centaur

Charles Cary Rumsey
Buffalo History Museum
One Museum Court, Buffalo, NY

August 13, 2020

‘The Centaur’ is a statue that was built by Charles Cary Rumsey, a sculptor, in 1914 and was donated to the Buffalo History Museum in 1953. Charles Cary Rumsey (1879-1922) was an American sculptor, born in Buffalo, who was most inspired by his uncle, George Cary, who was Buffalo architect best known for his meticulous and unique design of the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society Museum (Buffalo History Museum). Rumsey’s interest in sculpture is described as starting at a new age because of the family he was surrounded with. Other than his uncle, his aunt Evelyn was a well-known painter in the Pan-American Exposition days in 1901. In 1893, Rumsey’s parents took him to Paris, France and instead of going back with them, he stayed and attended school, in which he learned his sculpting ways and gained more of an interest. After returning back to Buffalo in 1895, he completed college preparatory studies at the Nichols School in Buffalo, then to Harvard in 1898. During the summers, he attended school at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and was taught underneath Bela Lyon Pratt, a known American sculptor.

‘The Centaur’ is a bronze statue standing at a height of 13’, a width of 4.5’, and a depth of 11.5’ on a Granite base. According to, “A male figure sits astride a horse with his proper right arm around the horse’s neck, his torso against the proper ride side of the horse’s head facing towards the back of the horse. His proper left arm outstretched, holding a bow.” It is meant to debunk Greco-Roman mythology by showing a half-human, half-horse creature.

Monochrome 1.jpg

Monochrome I

Nancy Rubins
Albright Knox Art Gallery
1285 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo NY

Jul 29, 2020

Monochrome I is a sculpture that was built and created by Nancy Rubins, an American sculptor and installation artist born in 1952 in Naples, TX. Her art is most likely found as blooming arrangements made from large, unique objects. These objects for example include televisions, small appliances, canoes, airplane parts, and more out of the box and interesting pieces. Monochrome I contains 66 used aluminum canoes and stands at a height of 30’ and a length of 35’.

As of right now, you can view this structure through the construction gates or from a street view on the Lincoln Pkwy side of the gallery.