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Wings and Things

If you know anything about Buffalo, you know that the love for food is a big part of being a Buffalonian. When growing up in Williamsville, there were always so many options for meals around me, but also everywhere else around the city and suburbs. Food is a common way to bring people together for any reason. In Buffalo, when it comes to spending time with others and getting together, preparation is often based on the food that will be eaten. Our city is known to have a few "famous" foods, such as wings (obviously), Buffalo-style pizza, Beef on Weck, Hot Dogs, and Sponge Candy. There are many different places to get said dishes. If you are looking for a fun thing to do, exploring the popular, but also more hidden restaurants, is always an exciting way to try new foods and find new things and places around Buffalo!

Where to get chicken wings:

Elmo's Bar and Restaurant

Anchor Bar

Gabriel's Gate

Beef on Weck:

Bar Bill Tavern

Charlie The Butcher

Glen Park Tavern

Buffalo Style Pizza:

Bocce Club Pizza

Santora's Pizzeria

Hot Dogs:


Ted's Hot Dogs

Mississippi Muds and Old Man River

Sponge Candy:

Parkside Candy

Watson's Chocolates of Distinction

Grace Carra

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