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UB's Treat to Students: Awesome Concerts

Written by Kevin Girasole

The Student Association at the University of Buffalo has an excellent track record of keeping university students entertained. Since 1991 the Student Association has been holding FallFest for students at the university. FallFest usually entails extremely popular artists, ranging from rap to rock. Similarly, Spring Fest is another large event that warrants excitement from the students at the university. On top of these two popular events, the Student Association runs a Comedy Series, which has featured popular comedians, like Dave Chapelle.

Some Popular Artists Who've Attended FallFest

Childish Gambino performs in 2012
  • Goo Goo Dolls, 1991

  • Iggy Pop, 1993

  • Reel Big Fish, 1999

  • Outkast, 2001

  • Nas, 2003

  • Godsmack, 2003

  • Incubus, 2004

  • All American Rejects, 2007

  • Trapt, 2007

  • Ludacris, 2008

  • Jason Mraz, 2010

  • Bruno Mars, 2010

  • J. Cole, 2012

  • Childish Gambino, 2012

  • Big Sean, 2015

  • Travis Scott, 2016

  • Wiz Khalifa, 2017

Spring Fest has had some noteworthy attendees as well, from Mac Miller to The Tragically Hip. However, Fall Fest tends to be a bigger event to students on campus. Much like the concerts, UB SA's Comedy Series has seen many popular comedians attend to bring a bit of laughter to the students. A few attendees include Jay Leno, Dave Chapelle, Jimmy Fallon, Dane Cook, BJ Novak and Trevor Noah. Another extremely popular event held at UB is Oozefest. This is where hundreds of students gather in the spring to play volleyball in mud soaked courts. It gets dirty and competitive, but it is a long standing tradition, and one that students love to participate in.

Students playing at Oozefest!

UB has many fun and interesting events lined up for students, however COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in their otherwise fun festivities. Most of these activities, namely FallFest and SpringFest have been shelved since 2019, when the pandemic began. Students have been hoping for these events to return, but as of yet there has been no comment on whether or not it will be coming back in 2022.

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