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The West Side Bazaar

The West Side Bazaar

By Mary Kate Wirfel

A local and international market is located right here in Buffalo. The West Side Bazaar was founded in 2009 by several different businesses, residences, west side agencies from the Niagara District stockholders, with the help of Councilman David Rivera. The main goal was to help bring business to the West Side and help both refugees and immigrants start their business here in the queen city. The group looked to get help from the Westminster Economic Development incorporation. Soon after that the West Side Bazaar was born.

The Bazaars main goal is to help new business owners find a safe and inexpensive place to start up their business with the help of running an enterprise successfully. The idea for both immigrants and refugees is for them to bring their cultures and customs from the old world and put them into new places. This can help the New Americans maintain both their new city life and their home land customs. This can help them grow their business and introduce the queen city and tourist to their culture, customs and festivities.

The Bazaar opened on March 3rd 2011 at 242 Grant Street near Lafayette Avenue. The building housed six newly start up business. People from Rwanda, South Sudan, Peru, Indonesia and even here in the United States. The Bazaar quickly became a community shopping and food location the place was a combination of shopping and education, learning about new cultures and customs. Several businesses that started out in the Bazaar eventually moved on to open their own store fronts.

In 2012 The Bazaar won the 21st Century grant of the community founder of the greater buffalo area. This grant helped the Bazaar move to an expanded location on Grant Street in Buffalo. The Bazaar has become a destination for shoppers, food lovers and people who want to learn about different cultures and customs. The Bazaar provides a positive customer experience. From food to jewelry, creative and hand crafted gifts the West Side Bazaar has it all. You should come and see for yourself.

Visit their website at To find out more.


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