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The Great Pumpkin Farm Fall Festival

Opening up this weekend for the fall season, The Great Pumpkin Farm Fall Fest in Clarence, NY was the place to be. Tickets were $15 a piece online and the event was definitely worth the price of admission. Upon entering and receiving our passes, there were about 10 primary attractions, 5 free and 5 discounted with ticket purchase. There were several carnival rides, a whole slew of food vendors as well as a few bars to choose from. Having bought extra tickets in order to check out all the rides, we decided to start out pretty slow, opting to ride one of three tractor rides. In this case a calm hayride through the farm. This ride lasts a leisurely 10-15 minutes, and has no extra cost. From there we entered the corn maze and wandered aimlessly through the fields attempting to complete a scavenger hunt that was given to us at the start. After what felt like forever, and a series of mostly left turns, we finally managed to make it to the exit. Sadly, we were unable to complete the scavenger hunt and claim a prize.

Next, we caught the zombie paintball train which took us through a section of woods with various zombie themed targets, and actually managed to hit several of them. It was honestly much harder than it looked, but was a blast. On the way back from there, we passed some of the attractions aimed at younger kids. There were bouncy pillows for kids to jump around on, a cow themed tractor train ride, and a designated playground area. We took a break to grab food from the local vendors, where we had Philly Cheesesteaks and burgers, as well as local cider and lemonade. As we were winding down for the afternoon, we headed over to the apple cannon range where we got 2 buckets of apples to fire off at various targets, and ended the day shooting 2 pumpkins out of a much larger cannon. Overall we had a really good time and didn't spend too much money to do so. We didn’t end up getting on every ride, but there is plenty to check out for yourself when you stop by. Hopefully you will have just as good of a time as we did.

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