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The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens: Gardens After Dark

By: Grant Paylago The most lit event at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is back! Botanical Gardens After Dark is a must see for couples, family, and friends this Valentine’s Day weekend! Arriving during the day and staying until it gets dark changes the perspective of the gardens immensely! All of the plants look much different and more

interesting with the hundreds of LED lights around the gardens. The Asian Rainforest and Aquatic Garden has a stunning waterfall and koi fishpond highlighted by a bridge covered in white lights. The Cacti & Succulents house had calming blue lights that contrasted all the sharp and unique plants. The event space was a warm and welcoming area with red, green, and blue lights that is perfect for weddings and banquets! The Florida Everglades house hung their lights twisted with artificial grass from the ceiling to give that After Dark twist on the Everglades theme! Most importantly, the Palm Dome entrance is lit up in a hybrid of different radiant colors that can be seen on the heated inside of the gardens, to the much colder parking lot. Also, the Botanical Gardens has the perfect slope for sledding! As a whole, there is something for everyone to enjoy. After Dark is great for kids, parents, grandparents, school trips and couples. The After Dark event at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is an event that can’t be beat!

To learn more about the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens and their hours of operation, click the link below:

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