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The Annual Buffalo Polar Plunge!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

The annual Buffalo Polar Plunge is held at Woodlawn Beach State Park in Blasdell, NY. To

have the privilege of taking the dip into Lake Erie, a person must fundraise a minimum

amount of money for the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics is a non-profit

organization that allows people with intellectual disabilities to participate in Olympic

styled, coached sports with no cost to them or their caregiver.

This year marked my sixth time participating in the Polar Plunge! I found out about the

Polar Plunge when I joined Key Club in high school my freshman year and have been

hooked ever since. I would always be swimming outside regardless of the weather and

temperature so going into 40–50-degree water was an easy decision for me!

Being able to help the Special Olympics every year has only grown my love and appreciation for the organization. I have been able to meet countless amounts of amazing people and learn how to raise enough money to be the top college fundraiser two years in a row.

One of the many fun parts of the plunge is picking a theme for your team to dress up in.

My past themes have been beach, country, school spirit, and Jurassic Park. This year’s

theme was my teammate Abby’s idea………Captain Underpants! It is always exciting to

see everyone’s costumes each year. The Polar Plunge is pretty much Halloween in

December for people of all ages!

The event also has a variety of things to keep you warm and busy before plunge time. You and your spectators can grab a bite to eat from one of the food trucks, shop at the merchandise table or other vendors, or join in on the fitness instructor’s warm up exercises. If you want to participate in an extreme event or just fundraise for a great cause, the Polar Plunge is great for both. A plunge qualifies as little as dipping your toes in or going underneath the water! Therefore, anyone can participate in this breathtaking experience and possibly start a new tradition!

Written by Sara Dembski

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