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Out on the Water with Carefree Boats

Who doesn't love a boat day? Last week, our Discover716 interns were given the amazing opportunity of riding through the water of the 716 with Carefree Boat Club Buffalo. Carefree Boat Club is a membership-only boat club that has revolutionized the boating experience. This unique opportunity allows members unlimited access to a boat without the hassle of maintenance, boat upkeep, docking fees, and more. To learn more about all that Carefree Boat Club offers, check out our other blog post on membership details or visit

Want to hear more about our interns' experiences with Carefree Boat Club Buffalo? Keep reading and YOU will be questioning why you haven't already jumped on this incredible opportunity!


Serena's Experience

After riding with Carefree Boat Club Buffalo, it’s no secret that their experience is perfect not only for boat-lovers, but the die-hard Buffalonians that make up our city.

From starting in North Tonawanda to floating through Grand Island and ending at the Peace Bridge, our Carefree Boat Club experience included quite the tour of Buffalo. The convenient location of the Carefree Boat Club dock, which can be found at the East Pier Marina, allows easy access to much of the 716. Whether you want to cruise down the Niagara River, float through the locks of the Erie Canal, head towards the city, or simply dock and float, Carefree Boat Club is extremely accessible.

I especially enjoyed the sight seeing that came with passing various historical landmarks along our tour. There was something so breathtaking about riding under the Grand Island Bridge and feeling how small we were in relation to it. I loved that our tour with Carefree Boat Club provided a unique view of the city as I saw Buffalo from a new perspective out on the water.

Carefree Boat Club also allows the opportunity for its guests to dock along the way and check out local restaurants and shops. Don’t want to dock? All boats are equipped with the necessities for anchoring to allow guests to relax on the water while going for a dip or even listening to a Bills game. Yes, the boats have sound systems, which I felt was a huge plus! Who doesn’t want to jam out on the river?

As someone who doesn’t frequently go out on the water, I was happy to hear about the training programs Carefree Boat Club offers for its boaters. Unlike a typical experience where one may sit in front of a computer in attempts to learn the ins and outs of boating, Carefree Boat Club offers a hands-on learning experience to create comfort and confidence for new boaters.

Experienced guests are also trained on the specifics of the boat they will be riding to ensure that all boaters feel at ease. The dock staff is happy to help guests load up, cast off, and will even clean the boat upon guests’ return. Upon our arrival, our group was informed of all safety regulations and the measures Carefree Boat Club had taken to get the boat looking brand new (vacuuming, sanitation, etc.)

From my interaction with Carefree Boat Club, it is clear that they strive to create a positive, stress-free experience for their boaters. There is no doubt the joy and excitement Carefree Boat Club could bring to your summer! So what are you waiting for? Get out on the water and avoid the worries of boating with this one-of-a-kind experience.


Cassie's Experience

The Carefree Boat Club experience was phenomenal. The boat was clean and prepared for our ride when we arrived. Our boat was quite large and comfortable, I didn’t feel like our group was sitting right on top of each other.

The boat has something that everyone will enjoy. My favorite part of the ride was when the boat was moving fast and we had music on the speakers. I have always liked speed boats, but with that being said the boat had attributes for other activities. If speed is not your thing, the boat can also be used for a nice, smooth sightseeing ride.

Buffalo has many great sights to see from the water. On our ride we saw the South Grand Island Bridge and the Peace Bridge. Both of the bridges were super cool to see from the water, it gives a totally different perspective to these everyday feats of architecture. There are many other areas of Buffalo that can be explored as well. The Carefree Boat Club offered a great experience for boating without having to own a boat.


Nicolas's Experience

Ryan and the Carefree Boat Club Buffalo team did a phenomenal job at describing the services they offer to their members of the Carefree Boat Club of Buffalo. When we went out on the boat with Ryan he explained to us that in addition to completing a boating license course, he goes along on the initial boat ride to ensure the membership owner can safely operate the boat they are going to be taking onto the water in order to ensure the safety of everyone going along on the boat ride. This makes me as a passenger feel confident and safe on the boat.

In addition to boat operation safety, Ryan also explained that there are going to be enough lifejackets on the boat for every passenger in there just in case anything does happen. As far as health safety, Ryan also explained that his team cleans and sanitizes the boats after each use in order for the next group that takes the boats out to be greeted with a clean and sanitized boat. They explained that they pay special attention to sanitizing high-touch areas in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. This process ensures that when the next group of people take the boat out on the water they rent a brand new-looking boat.

The club has three different boats that you can rent for the day depending on the type of adventure and experience your group is seeking. The three different boats also accommodate different capacities of passengers depending on the size of your group.

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