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Old Man River Taste Testing

By Megan Schuster and Brian Couto

Our taste testing visit to Old Man River was one of the best restaurant experiences I have had in a long time. It was the perfect day outside, and we sat in the sun under an umbrella with a view of the river. Old Man River is the perfect place to eat on a nice summer day with its open air seating arrangements and plenty of seafood and BBQ items on the menu. The atmosphere of the restaurant is fun and very welcoming, with live music playing and plenty of bright colors that make it memorable. Each member of their team who provided us service exemplified what hospitality means in the City of Good Neighbors. Our food came quickly and was served with a smile. Everyone was very knowledgeable about each item we tried and were able to answer all our questions about the products.

I myself am a vegetarian, and I found that they had a very accommodating meatless menu. I don’t typically go out to eat much, as I usually don’t find very exciting things on the menu that I can have. However, I found a variety of different options that I could try at Old Man River. During our taste testing, I tried the Portobello Mushroom Burger, and the one of a kind Bunny Dog. The Bunny Dog is a unique item to Old Man River, it is a grilled carrot cooked and served as a hot dog. Despite an initial feeling of skepticism, I was pleasantly surprised. Dressed up like a hot dog, it didn’t even taste like a carrot. Out of all meatless options I have tried in my three years of being vegetarian, the Bunny Dog has been the most creative I have had. The Portobello Mushroom Burger that I also had was a top tier meat-free burger. The sauteed peppers that come on the burger are perfectly seasoned and are the perfect ingredient to put on this burger. I was delighted to be able to try this, and have already told my family that we must go back so that everyone else can fully enjoy the summer experience that Old Man River provides. -Meagan Schuster [Intern]

Upon arrival to Old Man River, I was immediately wowed by the vibrant colors of the restaurant as well as the big blue whale on top of the restaurant named Wanda. We were prepared to break bread after being seated by our gracious hosts. The meals arrived shortly after we were seated, and it was amazing. It was a lovely spread of the establishment’s best dishes. The variety and individuality of each meal pleasantly surprised me; there was truly something for everyone.

I started with appetizers, Poutine Fries and Loaded Tater Tots were the first thing for me to try. I've been all throughout Canada and had many different types of poutines, but these poutine fries were some of the greatest I've ever had. This one wins the prize in my opinion. Next up was the loaded Tater Tots. The colors in this dish were spectacular, the cheese and bacon bits really complemented the Tater Tots and all combined in your mouth for an amazing flavor, the Tater Tots were crispy and cooked to perfection. After appetizers I moved to the Rodeo Burger and the Piggly Wiggly Hot Dog. Both of these menu items were delicious, The Rodeo Burger was my personal favorite menu item that we tried. The Piggly Wiggly was a hit with the interns as well, the hot dog wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheddar cheese just exploded with flavor when you took a bite! The next thing brought out to us was a Smokehouse BBQ platter with Brisket, Ribs and a Half Chicken. This came with 3 BBQ sauces, my personal favorite was the spicy BBQ, but the sweet BBQ was a close second for me. The Brisket and Ribs were delicious, the Ribs fell right of the bone with every bite and melted in your mouth. The Brisket was the best of the three meats in my opinion, dipping the brisket into the Spicy BBQ was the perfect combination. Lastly, we were brough tout a variety of Clams. We had Steamed, Raw and Casino Clams and while normally I despise seafood, I decided to try it. I will say the Raw and Steamed clams were not my cup of tea, but I was sold on the casino clams. I had never enjoyed seafood, but the Casino Clams are now a must for me if I see them on the menu. -Brian Couto [Intern]

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