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Music on Main: A Must This Summer!

If you are someone who likes live music while also enjoying amazing food and drinks then Music on Main is a must this summer! Presented by the Williamsville Business Association and advertised as a family friendly free event you can enjoy live music at nine different spots every Thursday from 6-9pm around the Village of Williamsville.

This will be the 11th year Music on Main has taken over the Village and each has been better than the last. A benefit of having nine different venues for live music means there is a band to fit everyone's music taste and is a great opportunity to get out in the community!

Live music is on every Thursday at the following locations:

  • Sorrentino's (5650 Main St)

  • Moor Pat (78 E. Spring St)

  • Irishman (5601 Main St)

  • Glen Park Tavern (5507 Main St)

  • Eagle House (5578 Main St)

  • D'Avolio (5409 Main St)

  • Cabernet Cafe (9 N. Ellicott St.)

  • Newbury (5429 Main St)

  • Rock Street (Corner of Main)

Music on main is an excellent outdoor activity for anyone looking to enjoy a good time with friends and family. Music goes from 6-9pm but the great atmosphere doesn't stop until the restaurants do. For information on which bands will be performing each week you can head to the Music on Main facebook page. Be sure to get there early to ensure a spot!

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