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Manor Lanes: Tonawanda's Best Kept Secret

By: Bidya Dahal

Manor Lanes first opened its door in 1974 and has been the Campagna and Russo's family pride for the past three generations. I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Brian Russo, the current owner of Manor Lanes. Talking to Brian, one can hear the excitement and the care he has for Manor Lanes.

13-year old Brian began working at Manor Lanes by keeping score, then moved onto maintenance, to bartending to a manager before finally buying the place from his father in 2014. Despite being the owner of the place, it isn't unusual to see Brian vacuuming when you first walk in, which shows the love he has for this place.

When I first walked into Manor Lanes, it was a very different experience. It was quite unusual to walk into a bowling alley and not smell the sweat, stale beer, and greasy fried food (maybe because there is an air freshener every five steps apart). Apart from the smell, the music was on the whole time I was there. Later while talking to Brian, I learned this was because Manor Lanes are not only meant to be a place to bowl but a place to de-stress. A place that makes you feel welcomed, makes you feel special and helps you put away your worries for a few hours. It is not just a bowling alley, but a new culture, a new social experience, a place that feels like a home away from home.

Anyone who has ever been to a bowling alley knows that fried food is a bowling alley stable. But what makes Manor Lanes's food so different is that everything is homemade. Maybe that is why it's not usual to see the tables full of food or regulars who come just for the food. And for those of us wondering if we are going to go home with an empty stomach, while the others enjoy their wings and subs, there are vegan/vegetarian options for us as well.

We can't forget about the bowling when talking about a bowling alley. For us cheap college students, Midnight Madness is the perfect option. For nineteen dollars, you get three hours of bowling and shoes on a Saturday. Come and have fun on Saturdays and de-stress with the different games.

For those who want to enjoy something little more than the occasional bowling, it's the perfect opportunity to join Plenty of Strikes, a social bowling league. Don't worry let the word, 'league' scary you, Plenty of Strikes is not looking for professional bowlers. Plenty of Strikes is the perfect chance to make new friends and new hobbies for sixty-five dollars. You will be in a five-person team for six weeks session. You will get enjoy two regular games, and one "skills" game, where you get the chance to check out the different game Manor Lanes offer. The "skills" game provides you the chance to win gifts cards. The price also covers shoes, drink specials, and online stats for the league.

Come and enjoy all that Manor Lanes has to offer. Check out their website for more information.

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