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Life in the Southtowns: 5 Places to Visit

By: Aby Zurowski

As someone who has lived in the southtowns my whole life, I am excited to share some of my favorite summer spots with you all. Starting off with one of the more recognizable places, the Eternal Flame located in Chestnut Ridge/Orchard Park. The spot is perfect for those who like to go on hikes. The eternal flame itself is the destination once you have completed the hike, it is a small waterfall that has a flame embedded in it from natural gasses. Another great factor is that it is family friendly, so all ages are welcome and encouraged to come!

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Next is a spot for someone who may like something a little more slow paced. In the village of East Aurora, there you will find a store called Vidler's 5 & 10 Inc. This store is full of trinkets and interesting smaller purchases that would make great gifts, or for yourself as well. It is once again family friendly and gives off an old school feel that leaves you happy and entertained.

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If you have some time to kill, consider going to Green Lake in Orchard Park. My favorite way to spend time here is in the mornings before anyone else is there and get in a good read. It is very peaceful and calming. There is plenty of space to bring chairs or blankets and to just relax outside.

For all of our dog lovers, Knox Farm State Park is the spot for you. Knox park is a great spot to go for a walk, a bike ride, or to have your dog get some exercise. This park is pet friendly and has many different uses, so bring your friends and get creative!

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As summer starts to wrap up and we enter the fall season, you must pick a day to visit Mayer Bros Cider Mill located in West Seneca, NY. They are known for their cider (and cider slushies) and donuts, but make sure to stop by to see the rest of the amazing products they carry!

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