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Keep Calm and Come Visit

Remember when I first came to buffalo, I fell in love with this place immediately. The environment, the people, the smell, let me feel the relaxation I have never felt before. I grew up in big cities, and I got tired of the dense and stress from that life. I always felt I was out of time in the city. However, here, in Buffalo, you don’t need to worry about that. You can finally have a slow deep breath and enjoy every moment at your own pace.

In Spring, you can go for a stroll through the Japanese garden in Delaware Park. Grab your friends or family sit under the cherry tree, and admire the Blossom rain. The admission is free as well because we know happiness is priceless.

In Summer, you can kayak or boat on the beautiful canal in Downtown Buffalo, to sightsee the along with the street view. The Buffalo Waterfront can offer you any water recreation activities you can think of and undertake your joy from morning to night.

In fall, you can go farm-picking with your children. Meet the lovely animals and learn more about what we are eating every day. There are about 940 farms in Eric County waiting for you to visit. Who doesn’t like to celebrate and share the joy of harvest, right?

In winter, you can go skate anywhere you want in Buffalo. If you are a fearless adventurer, you can also with the Holiday Valley. They have groups of ski lovers, like you, who can’t wait to subjugate the mountain top one by one.

How can I hold myself from falling in love with such a place? It can never let you feel bored but also can keep you away from the busy life for a bit. Spend your time here! You will feel every second is worth it.

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