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Humbert House Dining Experience

A truly authentic fine dining restaurant can be tough to come by, but the Humbert House has it all. Not only was the food terrific but the atmosphere as well. When entering you are met with dim lights, charismatic music and extremely friendly staff. While walking through the restaurant you will notice they kept much of the original structure to keep some of that 1864 feeling alive. You will also see that they offer support to many local artists as many of the paintings you’ll see are up for sale. Though, that’s just the start. The cocktail list was special as it was seasonal, giving you a pick from warm fall drinks you can’t turn down, though they offer a typical bar menu as well. The food was delicious and served well. Everything was cooked to a perfection and plated gorgeously. That appetizers were a great portion as it was just enough to fill but not enough to ruin your appetite for dinner. The black truffle poutine, plated as well as you can plate a dish like that, was not your typically northern poutine. It was served with a dark beef gravy, that certainly did not take away from the woody black truffle flavor. The beef carpaccio was served gorgeously, with the carpaccio lining the bowl and a perfect amount of Italian bread and herbs. The Italian bread has great seasoning to it, but just enough that you could still taste the herbs and carpaccio while eating it as one. The buffalo chicken ravioli dish, toasted, was small but filling raviolis. This brought a nice home like feel as you could truly taste the homemade hot sauce but also the hint of pumpkin seed making it special to The Humbert House. And the Grilled American Wagyu was extremely impressive, in both presentation and taste. It is served pre cut in to strips, showing off the high marbling. Typically served with truffle fries, that was substituted for pasta, offered a mellow red sauce with just the right amount of Parmesan cheese and seasoning on top. After dinner, you are presented with a short but sweet dessert menu. The churros, served with just the right amount of meringue, caramel and chocolate ice cream, a bit crumbly had just the right amount of cinnamon. The candy apple, was a surprise with how it was plated, with a fried funnel cake on bottom, there was a “apple” made from goat cheese panna cotta, that gave a cheesecake like feel and served with a rich goat milk bourbon ice cream on the side. The Pumpkin tres leches cake was served in a clear cup, allowing you to see the three layers, with having a gorgeous top layer of mascarpone, brown putter and roasted cashew both on the cake and around it. Overall, this restaurant offered both a lovely and romantic atmosphere while serving excellently plated and high-quality meals.


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