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Historic night at Sahlen Field

Written by Marissa Packard

Photo courtesy of the Toronto Blue Jays

2020 has been a year full of unknowns but there are some shining moments that will be remembered especially for the Toronto Blue Jays and the City of Buffalo. No one ever expected baseball to be played this summer in Buffalo after the Minor League season was cancelled. But that’s what 2020 does, it throws you curveballs that you don’t expect. The Toronto Blue Jays found themselves a home in Buffalo in an uncanny season. I’d say that the change of scenery might have worked in the Blue Jays favor. For the first time since 2016, the Toronto Blue Jays clinched a playoff spot! While it may be the lowest playoff seed in their history, they did it with a handful of younger players on the team who never had a taste of the post season. The Blue Jays clinched their playoff berth by beating the Yankees 4-1 on Thursday night.

Every sports fan in Buffalo must be excited about the success that the Blue Jays have had here. They’ve embraced our city even after having zero excitement or interest in playing here and even did a shoutout to the Bills on their twitter for their season opener. When you're granted an opportunity to host an MLB team for a shortened season, you take that opportunity and run with it. The Blue Jays have turned Buffalo into a home away from home. It is interesting to wonder what happens from here. Up next the Blue Jays will find out where and who they're playing to start their run in the postseason. It is still unknown if the Blue Jays will be playing a playoff game in Buffalo but if that scenario happens, having fans at the games would make for a unique Buffalo sports experience. Watching baseball at Sahlen Field this late in the year is something that many baseball fans long for. Only time will tell if that will happen, but a lot can change by the time the Blue Jays make their way back to Buffalo.

Photo courtesy of the Toronto Blue Jays With all the success that the Blue Jays had while playing in a Minor League stadium, I know we’re all wondering what the odds would be for a Major League team to make its way to Buffalo. Until then, Buffalo might as well pop the champagne bottles and join the celebration with the Blue Jays. While the players celebrate while wearing their “Respect Toronto” shirts, they have gained a whole lot of respect from the City of Buffalo. We, as a sports city, know what disrespect is like from the national audience. So, we welcome the Blue Jays with open arms and will continue to root for the success of the team. I hope the Blue Jays stick around in Buffalo for a couple more games, the Buffalo Blue Jays just has a nice ring to it. Enjoy the celebration boys and party like Its 2016 again.

Photo Courtesy of the Toronto Blue Jays

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