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Happy National Hot Dog Day 716ers!!!

Today marks the annual national hot dog day, or Buffalo hot dog facts day because I am gonna throw some facts at ya. Did you know that Sahlen's hot dog HQ is in Buffalo? Sahlen's Packing is a five-generation, family-owned business founded in Buffalo, New York in 1869. The business is among the oldest, if not the oldest, hot dog manufacturers, in the entire country.

Today, you can find Sahlen's Products in over 35 different states in the United States. Fun fact: every year, Sahlen produces enough hot dogs to stretch nearly 850 miles, equivalent to the distance from Buffalo to Atlanta.

You may also have heard of the name Sahlen, not from their famous hot dog products but from the baseball stadium, Sahlen's Field. In 2018, Sahlen's Packing Co purchased the naming rights to a ballpark that used to be called Pilot Field. Some business reports estimated that the company spends about $350,000 dollars each year for the naming right. It may be a hefty sum of money for an expense, but that decision has already yielded impressive results. If you are a baseball fan who has been following the Toronto Blue Jays, then you know what I am talking about. On June 1 of this year, The Blue Jays announced that their home location would be moved to Sahlen's Field. Also, Blue Jay's affiliated minor league baseball team, The Buffalo Bison, announced their return to Sahlen's field on August 10 of this year.

Here is a hot dog-related personal experience and some tips for eating hot dogs. Recently, Discover 716 hosted a festival on the 716 Day. Thanks again to everyone who came out, and I hope you had a fun time. We're looking forward to next year's festival and are determined to make it even better. Well back on track, we had a hot dog eating contest sponsored by Mississippi Mudd. I was among the five people who participated in the contest and was lucky enough to win first place. I ate 7 hot dogs, but I regretted the fact that I could not finish all the hot dogs. So, I took some time and did some research on the best and fastest way to eat as many hot dogs as possible. So, if you ever find yourself participating in a hot dog eating contest in the future, here are some quick tips for ya.

How to Succeed in your little Endeavor!!!

The key is to eat all the hot dogs and buns separately, starting by eating all the hot dogs without the bun and drink little to no water. If you find the amount of sodium is overwhelming, then drink some more water to save your sanity. It is especially important to save up water in this step since some contests would not give you more than a bottle of water. Once you have finished all the hot dogs, now it is time to soak all the bun in water. Make sure you soak the bun well, we're talking straight up submerging them in water if you could. That is where all the water we have saved comes into play. The soaking bun would sink in size and make it super easy to stuff down. At this point, it is all about crossing the finish line, and it is up to you to hold it down champ!!!

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