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Halloween in Quarantine

By Mary Kate Wirfel

With the fears of catching and spreading the Covid-19 more and more normal holidays and family gatherings are being taken from us Halloween is just one example.

The normal tradition of Halloween people would dress up as their favorite character or hero and go to parties kids would do the same but they would go door to door yelling “trick or treat” and as a reward would get some candy from the homeowners.

This year is a little different experts are asking families not to take their kids trick or treating, not to pass out candy and not to go out to the traditional Halloween parties. People were asked to stay home so they can prevent the spread of Covid-19.

One alternative to trick or treating is something called Trunk or treating. What is it? Well it’s like tailgating minus the Buffalo Bills. You decorate the truck of your car or bed of your truck in a creative, fun or scary way. The kids go from car to car and yell “Trunk or Treat” instead of “Trick or Treat”. People even dress up in costumes to match the theme of the decorated car trunk.

Several different groups and communities had their own trunk or treating events for the kids’ throughout the month of October. There was even a drive through trunk or treat so to protect yourself you didn’t even have to get out of your car.

Root 39 salon and spa in Springville had their own trunk or treating event. All the decorated cars were six feet apart people kept their distance. Kids wore their creative costumes and masks. Everyone was safely socially distancing. See people can still keep traditions alive even during a global pandemic. I hope everyone had a safe happy Halloween.

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