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Hagner Industries: Behind the Metal

By: Kelli Huff

Hagner Industries is on its way to becoming the leading innovator in metal fabrication. Their skill sets do not stop with metal fabrication; they are also highly skilled in welding, custom machine building, and reverse engineering along with other professional trades. The history of this company tells the story of Peter Hagner: A man with an idea and a passion.

Buffalo native Peter Hagner worked to build his brand starting in a garage, as we know all great ideas come to life with hard work. Peter's love and devotion to his business paid off starting in 1987 and continues today along with the 34 years of service under his belt. Peters' passion is prominent and displayed through the quality of his work that his company produces. Hagner Industries has created and completed several projects, that range from the welding of rain drains to machine assemblance. Hagner builds different pieces of machinery that play bigger roles in our lives, things that the average person wouldn't be familiar with. Hagner Industries produce commercial roofing drains and parts for windows at ECMC hospital. Who knew? Peter shared his passion for metal transformation with his son, Adam Hagner who is deeply involved in the day-to-day operations. He oversees the current facility, being sure to show the progression along the way through their social media pages.

I was lucky enough to take a tour and was able to see the facility for myself. Adam has a true passion for the metal industry, as he gave a detailed explanation of each machine, what it does and what it can produce. For someone with no prior manufacturing knowledge, getting a live walkthrough was very education driven, and the experience provided me with an entire new perspective on the manufacturing industry. Seeing first-hand how a raw piece of rectangular steel can be transformed into a perfect sphere is simply incredible. Following along with their social media pages you are able to get a first-hand look at what goes into producing some incredibly cool technical metal things.

If you're looking for staff that puts precision and your vision at the forefront, Hagner Industries is the company for you. For more information visit their website Stay up to date with current projects and watch the magic happen on their Instagram & Facebook page @hagner_industries.

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