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Gypsy Parlor: A Place to Call Home

Written By: Lauren Cramer

Gabrielle Mattina, a West Side native, is the perfect embodiment of the phrase “Hard work pays off.” Mattina has worked in restaurants since she was 15 years old. While attending Niagara University for Hospitality she was working as a bartender and saving all she could with hopes of opening up her own bar/restaurant. At the ripe age of 26, Mattina ended up finding a cheap building on Grant Street in the heart of the West Side of Buffalo, blocks away from where she grew up. Gabrielle dreamt of opening her bar and of contributing to the resurgence of the West Side, and she did just that with the purchase of this building.

Gabrielle Mattina, Owner

After purchasing the building on Grant Street, now known as Gypsy Parlor, Mattina and her father spent about a year renovating the space so it was suitable for the festivities that the Parlor would host. Originally Gypsy Parlor was a more bar-focused space. They had food but it wasn’t the main attraction. But we all know what happened in March of 2020, COVID-19. One of the restrictions/guidelines placed was that when ordering drinks, food had to be ordered as well. Upon the implementation of this rule, Gypsy Parlor turned more of its attention to its menu. Introducing a wide variety of foods that can all be seen on the menu today. Mattina’s personal favorite is the Ramen bowls offered, a West Side specialty. Other noteworthy dishes are the WestSide Cheesesteak, the Cuban Pork, and their extensive, diverse, vegan menu.

Nevertheless, let this not distract you from their still wildly impressive bar. And we’re not just talking about the drinks. Gypsy Parlor still operates using the original 1890s bar back. A beautiful piece of history to check out when you go to Gypsy Parlor. Because trust us, it shouldn’t be an “if”. Gypsy Parlor has a very impressive drink menu with lots of diverse specials. One is the “Gypsy Juice”, which is a combination of apricot, ginger, lemon, and cranberry flavors that can be mixed with the alcohol of your choice. Another fan favorite special is “That Bitch Genny”, which is a Genesee beer mixed with orange juice and bitters.

Trust us when we say that Gypsy Parlor has something for everyone. Their eclectic atmosphere makes for an environment that always has something going on. There’s no “scene” at Gypsy Parlor. Everybody is welcome and celebrated. And isn’t that what we all want? A welcoming atmosphere, a place that feels like home. Because you know, there’s no place like home.

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