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FlexWater – Disposable & Recyclable Supplement Shaker Bottle

Tired of smelly shaker bottles? Forgetting to clean your bottle right way? Introducing FlexWater, a disposable and recyclable shaker.

A young Buffalo inventor by the name of Brian Bischoff has created a disposable supplement shaker bottle. According to Bischoff, the shaker bottle is state of the art, practical, easy to use, and when it comes to market it will also be affordable. “I went to UB and graduated four years ago with an engineering degree,” said Bischoff. “Since then I have been developing this bottle as well as a product development company. We work with inventors and companies to design their products and work on cost reduction projects. I learned with this bottle how to design and 3D print and developed a business around it, so the bottle means a lot to me and I would love to see it come to market.”

So, what makes this bottle superior to other models?

Innovative – While it isn’t the world’s first disposable shaker bottle, it definitely is the best. The bottle features dual vortex generators, completely eliminating need for an agitator. In order to compensate for the large diameter mouth of a regular shaker cup, the team has integrated a peel off disposable funnel into the label (think peel off Monopoly labels from McDonald’s).

Sleek design – The FlexWater bottle is made from the same recyclable plastic as regular disposable water bottles, but it features our patented dual vortex generator, as well as a recessed design, so one can easily fix single serve supplement packets to it.

Made for busy guys and gals – Due to shipping being so expensive for liquids, shipping to your door after the Kickstarter campaign isn’t feasible.  However, the team is already in talks with nationwide beverage distributors to get FlexWater at local convenience stores, gyms, and vending machines. This will also dramatically lower the price per bottle.

Bischoff is an engineer, product developer, co-founder of FlexMuch Product Development, and owner of a 3D printing company called SmartPrint3D. He believes that his Flexwater disposable shaker bottles will revolutionize the market. Therefore, he has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding initiative, where he hopes to bring the shaker bottle to market. “We have raised over $11,000 so far and have 25 days to raise the rest of our $115k goal,” said Bischoff, who anticipates that the new disposable supplement shaker bottle will be a big hit due to its superior design and convenience. “Not only are molding and tooling costs expensive, minimum order quantities for water bottling facilities are well into the seven digits!”

The key to the success of this bottle is the dual vortex system that helps to mix the powders upon shaking. There is also an ingenious funnel built into the bottle design. On top of that, there’s a handy marketing feature built right into the bottle design.

Bischoff is on the board of the Western New York Invention Convention, and works with UB’s entrepreneur program. He also works as a second shift mechanical engineer for Greatbatch Medical. He’s committed to his work, and he’s committed to Buffalo. “I really want to grow this business in Buffalo,” he said. The Kickstarter campaign is live until January. Remember, when you invest in the Kickstarter campaign, there are plenty of rewards that coincide with the donation dollar amounts.

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