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Fall Feelz: Mayer Bros Cider Mill

By: Katie Internicola

The autumn season would not be complete without a stop (or several) at the Mayer Bros Cider Mill. Located in West Seneca, the Mill is a historic centerpiece of the fall season. They offer an abundance of fall favorites, including delicious baked goods, refreshing apple cider, and many other sweet treats.

The Mill was founded in 1852 by Jacob Mayer, who had the intention of servicing local farmers and families who could bring their apples to be pressed into cider. Fast forward to the 1920’s, the Mill expanded to offer baked goods, maple syrup, and other food items. Now, the Mayer Bros Cider Mill is one of oldest family owned businesses in New York State. Over 10,000 people per week visit the cider mill, which just shows how good it truly is.


Right when you walk in the doors of the big red mill, the delicious smell of fresh baked donuts and apple pie floats through the air. The best donuts have got to be the caramel apple cider and the cream cheese. They are even better paired with an ice cold apple cider slushie! You can see everything being freshly made, and they put new donuts on the racks every few minutes. At the mill, you know that everything is fresh. The donuts can be bought in singles, half dozen, and dozens. But once you get there, you won’t be able to resist a dozen (or two). The pies are delicious as well. The crust is perfectly flaky and the apples are cooked to perfection. With a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of caramel, it’s the best. Along with pies, they offer danishes and strudel. All of the baked goods are fantastic and definitely worth the trip.


Apple cider is a fall tradition beloved by many, and the Mayer Bros know how to make it best! Their fresh pressed cider makes for the perfect autumn refreshment. Paired with a delicious, warm donut or a fresh slice of apple pie, you’ll be in heaven. The apple cider slushies are another amazing offering that is one of their specialties. Ice cold and perfectly frozen, these are the perfect treat to transition from summer to fall. As far as candy, the fudge is my favorite that they offer at the Mill. They have all different flavors, such as peanut butter chocolate, cookies and cream and maple walnut. It’s practically impossible to pick my favorite, as they are all delectable.


So with the spooky season now in session, make sure to stop over to the Mayer Bros Cider Mill for your fix of all of the autumn sweet treats. It’s another one of western New York's finest fall treasures.

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